Oxford AL rescinds Anti-trans bathroom ordinance

oxford al

Oxford AL city council members voted 3-2 Wednesday rescinding the town’s draconian law targeting transgender people. The illegal measure passed just a week before was purportedly in response to Target stores reiterating the chains inclusive transgender policy.

The law which imposed a $500 dollar fine and up to a 6-month sentence applied to all public accommodations including stores and restaurants. Target has a store in Oxford Al.

“The Oxford City Council did the right thing by recalling its discriminatory ordinance,” Chinyere Ezie, a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center says. “We are pleased the council members came to the conclusion that nobody should be criminalized simply for using the restroom.”

In a joint letter with the ACLU of Alabama, the SPLC explained to Oxford lawmakers that the ordinance exposes the city to “substantial legal liability as well as a loss of federal funding.”

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