Outgoing MI State Rep John Olumba Slams Transgender people on the House Floor

Rep.John Olumba relieved of the responsibility of office wasted no time showing his contempt for his constituency.

First he goes after ethnic and religious minorities

“Asians and Chaldeans should have a black misery appreciation day, selling fake hair and looseys to people just looking for fresh air and making a fortune doing it,” says Olumba.


Next he spent some time hating on trans people

“To me seeing a guy dressed up like a girl is really funny or sad, but don’t make the mistake of comparing his struggle to MLK or my wife’s father or grandfather being sprayed with a hose or bitten by dogs or millions of people losing their lives to forced bondage or servitude,” says Olumba.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Yeah, thats a hell of a legacy John, stay classy.

Posted by a local community member as reminder to Dearborn residents of how valuable they are. Fact. Together we make America great.

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