Orlando Transgender woman suing Starwood Hotels for discrimination

Gina Versace breaks down in tears recounting the alleged discrimination and assaults she endured for 7 years after transition.

Transgender woman Gina Versace is suing Starwood Hotels for discrimination while employed at WALT DISNEY WORLD DOLPHIN RESORT.

Walt Disney World Resorts is rated 100% by HRC’s buyers guide.

In 2005, Gina Versace changed her legal documents and presented them to HR which then updated her personal records to indicate her correct gender and name.

Versace said she was forced to go from getting overtime to part-time and her workplace became a hostile environment. She said she wasn’t allowed to use the woman’s restroom, co-workers began mocking her, even feeling that her life was threatened.

During Friday’s press release, Gina Versace broke down in tears recounting how a Starwood Hotels manager assaulted her, grabbed her arm and held her against her will demanding to know why her hands did not meet his expectation of what a women’s hand should look like.

Starwood brand sites

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide which was originally set up as a tax shelter is one of the world largest chains headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. It has as of 2014 owned, managed, or franchised over 1,200 properties employing over 180,400 people, of whom approximately 26% were employed in the United States.

Her discrimination lawsuit against Starwood hotels is set to go on trial early 2016.

Starwood released this statement:

“Starwood did not discriminate in any way against this former employee. In fact, the allegations of discrimination were investigated by the Florida Commission on Human Relations in 2013 and the agency found there was no reason to believe that any discrimination had occurred. Starwood Hotels strongly believes in and maintains a culture of inclusiveness for our associates.”



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