One suicide Two Murdered in Mexico

Year  after year transgender people worldwide end their lives because of hatred and rejection from society. In most cases this pain comes from being rejected by the general public. But sometimes that rejection comes from the ‘LGBT’ community for not ‘complying’ with the stereotypes that society dictates.

A  young Mexican woman, Chanel Siqueiros, 24, had been suffering transphobic bullying from her own transgender community and from gay men which led to her suicide on 20th December, according to close sources consulted by Trans Pride (an activist blog) who announced this sad news.

Still in Mexico, a trans woman was found dead on the downtown area of Chihuahua. Apparently her aggressor beat her and then smashed her head with a stone.

She was found in the intersection of Ignacio Mejia and Melchor Ocampo streets, where she was identified by neighbors as Karlita Gallegos, 65, who was known to engage in prostitution.

Agents from the Attorney General (FGE) arrived at the scene of the crime to start the investigations. So far no arrests for this crime have been made.

Source canal44 Asesinaron a un travesti en Zona Centro

In the Mexican region of Cuernavaca,  a 60-year-old was murdered at the town of Pueblo Viejo, located in the municipality de Temixco. So far it is unknown who the attacker(s) were.

Police officers and criminal investigation elements arrived at the scene, on Vicente Guerrero street, where they found the victim, who had a head injury caused by a stone.

The deceased was identified as Peter Ottaviano, 60, who was dressed in women’s clothing and who apparently was homosexual. Homophobia is suspected.

The body was found around 8:00 pm and the staff of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) lifted the body around 9:20.

Source ChiapasHoy Por homofobia, asesinan a adulto mayor en Morelos

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