One Hundred protest Indiana’s Anti-Trans kid SB 35


 Indiana Senate Bill 35

Nicole Osburn

One hundred hardy trans and cis allies braved the harsh Indiana winter today to take a stand against something far more brutal, Indiana Senate Bill 35.

Indiana Senate Bill 35 if passed would send a transgender student to jail for entering a public restroom, punishable as Class A misdemeanor which in Indiana means up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

One of the protesters transwoman Nicole Osburn told PTG by phone that she and her daughter Ariel attended what can only be described as a grass roots action. “ Some facebook friends were talking about this so we decided to go,” said Nicole. “My  daughter has attended many trans advocacy events including the annual TDOR,” she said.

Ms. Osburn, a single mother with six children at home would be affected by this bill’s passage. “If I was in a public restroom and someone complained it would be up to me to prove my biological gender or face jail, fines, and a record.”

Indiana Senate Bill 35
Ariel takes a stand Photo’s supplied by Nicole Osburn

Indiana house speaker Brian Bosma said the outlook for new LGBT rights laws is bleak following Pence’s State of the State address. According to Bosma, Hoosiers are far more likely to see new laws exempting religions from existing human rights laws in the upcoming legislative year.

From the petition Indiana Senate: Vote NO on Transphobic “Senate Bill 35” which currently has 5,100 signatures.

“This bill is an obvious case of cisgender people looking for any teeny reason to clock me and strip me of my humanity lest I corrupt the sanctity of the public bathroom with my perceived abnormalities. Forcing me, as a trans student, to use facilities not corresponding to my gender identity will put me and others like me at risk of danger in the form of physical and verbal assault. The only thing that would be benefitted by this bill would be the spread of hatred and ignorance.” – Anonymous Indiana Trans Youth

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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