One brazilian transwoman in critical condition, another dies after suffering for 2 months


Dielly FosterThe ABCDS (Ação Brotar pela Cidadania e Diversidade Sexual), a São Bernardo do Campo based ONG is reporting that last Saturday, February 20th, a trans woman was shot in the stomach and thrown from a car.

Dielly Foster was thrown out of a car, wounded with a gun shot to her stomach at the Ferrazopolos bus terminal, according to the ABCDS report. She was later taken to the Anchieta Hospital at São Bernardo do Campo. Friends who witnessed the case identified the suspect as a good looking brown young man, clear eyes, and driving a black Chevrolet CELTA

Apparently the same man is already known for indelicate approaches to trans women in the area. Police have been informed by them several times and done nothing.

Foster remains hospitalized in the Anchieta Hospital, where she was submitted to a surgery to sew a vein and had part of his stomach removed. She is in induced coma and her state is critical.

The city of São Bernardo do Campo is one of the most transphobic and homophobic ones in the São Paulo region, with several trans women and gay men murdered. There’s even a case of a straight man who was mistaken for gay who was murdered.

The lack of state policies for the LGBT population is cited as a cause.

The ONG points its fingers to aldermen Toninho da lanchonte (PT)*, Rafael Demarchi (PSD)*, Marcelo Lima (PPS)*, an the bishop of the Igreja Universal do reino de Deus João Batista (PTB)*, accusing them of promoting transphobia and homophobia in the city “these aldermen have their hands blood dirty for every LGBT person who suffers of homophobia and transphobia encouraged by these men”.

Of the city mayor, Luiz Marinho, the ong accuses him of lack of courage in implementing public policies directed to the LGBT population.

*PT, PSD, PPS and PTB are Brazilian political parties. Brazilian media routinely uses the highly problematic word “Transvestite” to identify trans people.

Two Brazilian Trans woman murdered

Last December, Natascha, 37, was attacked and burned by a group of, at least, 3 men who got out of a car on Victor Ferreira do Amaral avenue, in the corner of Paulo Kissula street, on the Capão da Imbuia neighborhood, in Curitiba.

She was beaten and burned with gasoline. She had 2nd and 3rd degree burns all over her body but mostly in the face and head and remained hospitalized in the Evangélico Hospital, suffering until Wednesday (24) when she did not resist any further and passed away.

When she was rescued she was not able to explain why she was attacked according to rescuer Wellington Peres, from the SIATE Fire Department who rescued her. But she recognized a client among those who attacked her.

An investigation was launched by the Homicide and Protection of Persons police section to determine the motivation of the crime. Images from security cameras were analyzed to try to identify the perpetrators, so far with no results.

The City of Curitiba, through the Mayor’s Advisory Human Rights and Racial Equality Office, and the Municipal Department of Health and Social Action Foundation, were following the case.

The Transgrupo Marcela Prado (a trans ong) was essential and starred in the major articulations of support for Natascha.

Source: BemParaná

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