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NYC to host World Pride 2019 on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall

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This and other images of the 2015 Toronto World Pride Trans March are for sale starting around $200 with a one year license.
Are they an example of the exploitative commercialization of the ongoing queer liberation or a necessary component in our ever changing world? As if to highlight this conundrum this blurb accompanies the shopping cart at the point of sales.  “Less commercial, more political than the Main Parade, the Trans March grows each year. Transgender people and friends participate, including children who identify as trans with family support. It ended at Dundas Square with a show, Transforming Pride.”

The World Pride 2019 will take place in New York City which coincides with the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. The organizers, won a bid this year to host the celebration which is held every 5 years.

The first World Pride was held in Rome in 2010, drawing the largest crowd in recent times to the city, marking the celebrations controversial birth with a simultaneous condemnation by the Pope.

The following World Pride celebrations in Jerusalem 2006 and London 2012 were marred with governments reneging on promised support and a lack of funds and organization.

The first World Pride at least partially be true to the hype was held in Toronto this year with the Trans March and Dyke March starting the festivities. However, that celebration was also controversial with the resignation of Christin Milloy Team Lead, Trans Pride, Pride Toronto. Milloy in a open letter accused the organizers of selling out to commercial interests and placing those concerns above the spirit of Pride and safety of gender variant people.

2015 dallas pride
The author taking up a supportive role behind our girls at the 2015 Heineken Allen Ross Freedom Parade in Dallas AKA the Pride parade.

There can be no denying that Pride is being increasingly sold out. I marched in support of murdered Latina trans woman Jenette Tovar in this years “Heineken Allen Ross Freedom Parade.” By the time our float got to the main viewing area most people had already left. Nearing the end it turned into a foot race to just keep up. I’m not saying that the corporate floats took precedence, but I do know that none of them staged behind us.

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