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NYC Mayor Marches In LGBT inclusive “Pat’s for All parade”, skips St. Patrick Day Parade

st pats for all

Just a bit of upbeat news, the other St. Patrick’s Day Parade held on the 17th will for the first time allow one contingent of LGBT marchers to have banners indicating whom they are.

NY Times reports Mayor Bill de Blasio, who provoked the Irish when he skipped New York City’s marquee parade on Fifth Avenue last year because of the organizer’s policy against displays of gay pride, strode through the snowfall at the smaller parade alongside rainbow banners and placards proclaiming gay rights. The mayor — the first to skip the Manhattan parade in two decades — vowed to continue his boycott, no matter that the parade has opened its doors a crack, permitting one gay group to fly its flag this year.

“A lot of people feel, I think rightfully, that that is too small a change to merit a lot of us participating who have wanted to see an inclusive parade,” Mr. de Blasio said.

This year, the Manhattan parade will include a delegation of NBCUniversal employees walking under a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender banner. NBC televises the parade. “Even though it is a statement of some progress that this NBC delegation has been included,” the mayor said, “we need something more to really feel like we have turned a corner.”

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