NV Bunny Ranch heralds 1st legal Trans sex worker a “Ground breaking step for human rights”

Bunny Ranch 2012 Photo YELP

Bunny Ranch 2012 photo Yelp

Madison Montag

Madison Montag bills herself as a ‘shemale’. Photo PR

Bunny Ranch issued a press release heralding the brothels 1st legal trans sex worker Madison Montag calling the action a “Ground breaking step for human rights” The Bunny Ranch PR made the news by comparing her visibility with Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out.

This tact could be debated endlessly. The owner of the Bunny Ranch, a self described ‘pimp’ is in it for the money and fully understood the publicity he would gain with such a stunt.

The flip side,  who’s going to knock the girl for making a living?

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Earlier this year, Olympian and reality television star Bruce Jenner came out to the world as a transgendered woman, in a brave step forward that has been applauded by human rights advocates. In doing so, Jenner also garnered equal admiration from Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, inspiring him to follow suit by championing LGBT rights at one of his legal Nevada brothels in a very unique way. Hof, the star of HBO’s “Cathouse” series and author of the best selling autobiography “The Art Of The Pimp” (published by Regan Arts) has announced that he has hired Madison Montag, an award winning XXX transsexual porn star, for an exclusive appearance at his “Love Ranch Vegas” legal brothel, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. She will make history as the first transgendered prostitute licensed by the state of Nevada, and Hof is excited to be facilitating this ground breaking step for human rights equality.

“Madison is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen,” Hof gushed. “We get frequent requests for transsexual women with fully working male genitalia, and I don’t think you could have the best of both of those worlds any better than you do with this petite young beauty.”

Bunny ranch montag

For her part, Montag, who is repped by The V Agency, is excited about the prospect of adventure. “Anyone who has seen my movies knows how much I love sex. To be able to be intimate with my fans in a safe and legal way while helping them explore their own sexuality is a dream job for me.”

Bunny Ranch

This picture of the Bunny Ranch circa 2008 is what I saw in 1980 while visiting a number of brothels while doing ‘research’. The condition of the buildings and the despair I saw in those who worked there wasn’t sexy.

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