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One Indian Trans Beauty Pageant a Protest Against Section 377

Indian Trans protest against homophobia
India’s trans people have been granted limited legal rights as a ‘third gender’ but having sex, just once, could be punishable with life in prison.

India’s transgender community isn’t standing idly by as gay and lesbian people suffer under the 2013 Supreme Courts ruling criminalizing same sex relations. The Northeast community has transformed their last beauty pageant into a Protest Against Section 377

This is not the first transgender beauty pageant to be held in the country – the first one was held in 2009 in Chennai according to The Quint the Northeast Transgender Queen Contest has been organised every year since 2010.

Called a “Solidarity Event”, it was held at Bheigyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT), Imphal on Tuesday. Thirty-three transgenders participated from the seven states of Northeast India in this event is organised by the All Manipur Nupi-Manbi Association in association with Solidarity and Action Against the HIV infection in India, with support from the Manipur State AIDS Control Society, American Jewish World Service and Alliance India.

The transgender community organised the event to protest the December 2013 Supreme Court’s verdict on Section 377.

Has it been three years already! Feeling proud to be associated with India’s trans community. Some even myself might have been inclined to turn a deaf ear to gay peoples issues since we have been designated a “Third Gender”. But when you come down to it, being a lesbian I could be charged under section 377 and being trans wouldn’t matter.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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