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HB2Transman Charlie Comero from Charlotte NC printed these cards for women who will undoubtedly be upset that he has been forced to use the ladies room. Charlie wrote on Facebook.

“I’ve decided to use the women’s restroom and follow this absurd law. I am choosing to do this and put myself at risk because I am at risk either way.
I’d rather not take this risk, but it is being forced upon me, so this is my best effort to find the payout.
If someone confronts me in the women’s room about being there, I will silently hand them this card with kind eyes: a micro-moment of possible change.
That’s it. That’s all I got left.”

Charlie Comero 4

For the moment, this may be all many North Carolinian trans people have left. But that’s exactly what we need. Charlie took to social media and shared the ribbon begun yesterday by Jen Jones.
I was inspired by Charlie I joined the 1500 1800 others who have added the ribbon to their profiles. I did it in solidarity with North Carolinian LGBT and allies with the promise that it will remain there until this law is repealed.

But as editor in chief at Planet Trans there’s more that I can do. Journalist Kaiya Kramer invited me to join her on her weekly radio show The Queer Life Friday night. We took the opportunity to delve deeper into the law, examining this attack on our collective dignity in the context of the past, present and future.

Angry at North Carolina’s government for legislating discrimination against trans people?
Confused about what this means for you as a trans North Carolinian?
Worried about a trans loved one?

Take action here via The National Center For Transgender Equality

RIGHT NOW: Register for NCTE’s community call at 2pm Eastern Time on Saturday to find out more about the fight against the North Carolina law and anti-trans bills around the country.Register here.

What You Can Do (National):

  • Sign this petition telling North Carolina legislators to repeal this law when their regular session starts April 25.
  • Read our open letter to the trans community about the anti-trans law.
  • Join NCTE’s community call at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 26 for an update on anti-trans bills around the country, NCTE’s plans to defeat them, and how you can help. Get more information and RSVP here.
  • Storm social media with the hashtags #WeAreNotThis and #KeepNCFair.
  • Contact Gov. McCrory. Let him know that the rest of the nation is watching, and that we won’t stand for mandatory government discrimination in North Carolina.
  • Donate to NCTE so that we can keep fighting harder and harder for the trans community.

What You Can Do If You Live In North Carolina:

Note: If you’re organizing action in North Carolina, let us know so that we help promote it or post it here.

NCTE Resources for Trans North Carolinians and their Families:

NCTE is currently developing additional resources that will be posted over the next few days. Check back soon!

Sources of Support:

Businesses and organizations around the country have been speaking out against HB 2.

American Airlines: “American Airlines has long been a pioneer in its fair-minded policies and practices for its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) customers and employees. We believe no individual should be discriminated against because of gender identity or sexual orientation. Laws that allow such discrimination go against our fundamental belief of equality and are bad for the economies of the states in which they are enacted.”

Apple: “Apple Stores and our company are open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. That’s why we support the federal Equality Act. Our future as Americans should be focused on inclusion and prosperity, and not discrimination and division. We were disappointed to see Governor McCrory sign this legislation.”

Bank of America: “Bank of America has been steadfast in our commitment to nondiscrimination and our support for LGBT employees through progressive workplace policies and practices. We support public policies that support nondiscrimination.”

Bayer: “We have zero tolerance for discrimination. We say NO to #NCGA. We continue to support all of our employees & remain on the side of equality.”

Biogen: “Biogen opposes #NCGA attempt to undermine equality in NC via #HB2. We support advancing the power of difference.”

Citrix: “Citrix believes in a world that is secure & open for all. We value diversity in our workforce & lives.”

Dow Chemical: “Dow is disappointed in the passage and signing of HB2. The decision to overturn Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance undermines equality and sanctions discrimination of North Carolinians and its visitors. Dow seeks to promote a culture of innovation, excellence and inclusion, and believes the equal treatment of all individuals, irrespective of our differences, enables individuals and families to thrive, businesses and communities to prosper and economies to grow. We will continue to call for a comprehensive federal framework that ensures fairness an opportunity for everyone.”

Facebook: “We are disappointed by the recent events in North Carolina. As a company, Facebook is an open and vocal supporter of equality. We believe in ensuring the rights of LGBT individuals and oppose efforts that discriminate against people on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Google: “We oppose all laws that enable or encourage discrimination. We’ve been steadfast in our efforts to eliminate discrimination against the LGBT community — including through our vocal opposition to Prop 8, our filing of legal briefs in opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act, the benefits we provide same-sex couples at Google, and by drawing attention to the issue globally through various international campaigns, our doodle for the Sochi Olympics, support for the “It Gets Better” project, and sharing positive stories from the transgender community, like “the Story of Jacob and City Gym.”

IBM: “We are disappointed by the passage of HB2 in the North Carolina General Assembly because this measure will reduce, rather than expand, the scope of anti-discrimination protection in the state. IBM will continue to follow its global non-discrimination policies in the workplace, and believes that an inclusive and welcoming environment is the best way to attract talented individuals to our company.”

Lowe’s: “Lowe’s recognizes and values the rich diversity of our employees, the customers we serve and the communities where we do business each day. We welcome all people to our stores. Lowe’s opposes any measure in any state that would encourage or allow discrimination.”

Marriott: “Not only are we disappointed by the legislative process that provided no time to weigh in, we’re concerned that the bill substance relating to LGBT rights runs counter to our non-discrimination policies and will adversely impact the travel industry to North Carolina. Despite this legislation, our guests and associates – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity – will remain respected in our hotels.”

PayPal: “Inclusion is one of our core values and we are proud to champion LGBTQ equality in N. Carolina and around the world.”


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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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