No Pride In Prison to Protest Rape and Beating of Auckland Trans Inmate

No Pride In Prison

The activist group has shown itself to be true to their word and a potent advocate for the least visible of the LGBT community.

A transgender woman held in Auckland South was beaten and raped by 7 men after being moved into general population Wednesday according to “No Pride in Prison’. The advocacy group says that they have confirmed the assault with family members and have announced a rally for the 10th of October.

‘She was taken out of protective segregation on Wednesday and moved back into the general population where she was assaulted by seven men and then raped,’ says No Pride In Prisons spokeswoman Emilie Rākete

‘The Department of Corrections knows that she is a trans woman, as they are administering her hormone treatment. But she is being kept in a men’s facility anyway.’ said Rākete.

The placement of New Zealand prisoners is first based on the sex indicated on their birth certificate according to correction regulations. If that is not available officials will make a subjective decision on the inmate’s gender. If incorrectly evaluated the prisoner can begin the arduous task of navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth for proper placement, but in the meanwhile they are remanded to the wrong prison.

This year the NZ prison system delayed transferring a transwoman from a men’s prison for two months after allegedly losing her request. They moved Jade Follett shortly before a highly publicized hunger strike by No Pride In prison was to begin.

During the Ackland Pride this February a No Pride In Prison marcher’s hand was broken by police, while attending LGBT party goers jeered at the activists.

The No Pride In Prison rally will be held at Auckland’s Aotea Square at 12pm on Saturday 10th October. The group will present two demands according to their Press Release.

‘We will be demanding firstly that Serco and the Department of Corrections release public statements, taking responsibility for what happened last week. This would not have happened if not for the placement policies of Corrections, and for both Serco and Corrections’ through mismanagement of the facility,’ says Rākete.

‘Secondly, we will be demanding that the Department of Corrections reform their policy regarding the initial placement of transgender people in men’s or women’s facilities. We demand that the Department of Corrections publicly demonstrates its efforts in doing so.’

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