No Justice for Mumbai Transgender woman gang raped by Police


Mumbia gang rape

Mumbia transgender woman refered alternately as Madhu* or Nagma* (name changed) was arrested June 5th while enroute to offer prayers at the MuslimKhwaja Moinuddin Chishti, in honor of the tradition of aceptance of diversity.

She ended up being falsely arrested, threatened, beaten and raped by police.

The following is a paragraph from Voices against 377 press release on Sept. 10th which is embedded below, calling for justice and blasting the police and government for inaction and obstruction of justice.

Voices against 377, Facts of the case
On 5 June, 2014, a group of kinnars (Transgender woman) including Nagma and Zoya had travelled from Mumbai to Ajmer Sharif for pilgrimage. When proceeding to the Dargah, Constable Bhawani Singh of the Dargah Police Station stopped their auto to demand a bribe from the auto driver. In the ensuing argument, the constable violently molested Nagma, and when her chelas came to her defense, all were promptly arrested on charges of 143, 332, 353 IPC, amounting to assaulting a public servant. The auto driver is the key witness in this case. Later, in custody in Dargah Police Station, all the kinnars except Nagma were violently assaulted. In the wee hours of 5th June, Nagma was subjected to gangrape by three policemen – Constable Bhawani Singh himself, Constable Laxmi Narayan, and a third policeman who claimed to be videographing the crime

She told Times of India “They threatened me that if I did not cooperate with them, they would book me in narcotics case.”

Upon her release from jail, the victim went to lodge a complaint with the Dargah police but was allegedly turned away. The complaint was registered when she approached district additional SP Sharad Chaudhary on Tuesday. The investigation has been handed over to an IPS officer, as per sources.

The officers who raped her deny it happened and her assertions were widely dismissed as she is transgender.

Generally, in a rape case, which is non-bailable offense, accused are arrested even before chargesheet is prepared. But in this case, the accused are untouched and continue to work,” said Kavita Srivastava, national secretary, People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

According to Indian government statistics, a woman is raped every 22 minutes on average.

Looking back to 2013 and the death sentences handed down for the New Delhi rape and murder of a cisgender woman you might think things have changed in India.

But some Indians say that while the laws on crimes against women have changed, mindsets and enforcement have been slower to adjust.

No arrests have been made despite having the rape video recorded by one of the constables and having a report confirming the sexual assault.

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