The São Paulo court ordered the state government to pay compensation of R 50,000 for moral damages to the parents of transgender woman Laura Vermont. She was 18 when she was beaten on June 15, 2015, by a gang of thugs and shot dead by Military police officers who chased her down on the street.

From 2015: Two São Paulo police officers arrested for the murder of transgender woman Laura Vermont

In his decision, reports, Judge Kenichi Koyama, of the 11th Public Finance Court of the Central Forum, partially complied with the indemnity request made by the Public Defender’s Office and considered that the state was silent on Laura’s death. According to the magistrate, public agents – police officers involved in the case – were negligent, reckless, and even lied.

The judge ruled that the officers, however, did not participate in the murder of Laura Vermont despite a video showing them chasing her, contrary to their testimony alive and both arms fully functional. (She cleared her hair from her face and carried her purse)

The Two military officers who were at the scene were later arrested for her murder. They said in official documents that Laura Vermont stole their police vehicle and crashed it into a wall. When they tried to apprehend her she resisted they beat her to death and shot her in the arm.

Trigger Warning!
The video graphically shows Laura Vermont bloodied and fleeing for her life being chased by a mob, cars, and motorcyclists.

Travesti antes de ser morta by thevideos11

May 2016: Trial for the murder of Laura Vermont begins Thursday

The Civil Police presented a video at the trial that showed officer Ailton de Jesus, 43, and Diego Clemente Mendes, 22, beating Luara Vermont to death after they and a mob chased her. They were arrested on charges of loose procedural fraud and perjury and are being investigated. The officers, along with all of the others who participated in her murder have been granted bail and ‘await’ trial.

The judge acknowledged that the report filed after the incident by the officers was ‘fanciful’ and omitted everything that happened and that the state was wrong for remaining silent. Judge Kenichi Koyama offered Laura Vermont’s family compensation of $9,484 (US) for their pain.

9k compensation for two officers of the state murdering their child and lying to the court.

Trans Lives actually Matter, no matter where you live.

Laura Vermont’s family had asked for $830,000.00 (US) and are appealing the ruling.

Meanwhile, all of the criminals who murdered Luara Vermont in 2015 remain free on bail.

Please join the 50,000 who have signed the petition to Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo Demanding Justice for Laura Vermont, A Transgender Woman Killed in Brazil!

Rest in peace Laura Vermont.

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