No bond for 12-year-old who shot at Orlando transgender woman Shandebine Sherrington


Shandebine Sherrington

The judge denied bail to the 12-year-old who appeared in court with his mother Saturday. He had been staying with his grandmother, who said she didn’t know he was gone at the time of the shooting. Inexplicably the youth climbed out of his bedroom window, breaking a court-ordered curfew and attempted to murder transgender woman Shandebine Sherrington. The youth was on probation for attempting to steal a bb gun.

Sherrington said she had never seen the youth before.

“He was just saying foul words,” said Sherrington. “Thankfully I had witnesses that were out there and saw this young man shooting and chasing me down the street.”
Police found the gun that the boy threw in a nearby field. They say it was listed as stolen.

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