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Nine Brazilian trans women charged with attempted murder of sex worker

Brazilian transwoman
Nine trans woman accused of attempted murder. Photo JM Online

Carla, a 29-year-old trans woman (or transvestite as Brazilian media calls us), was stabbed three times after an argument related to a sex work spot in Lourdes neighbourhood, on Tuesday night. Nine transgender women were arrested, accused of involvement in the attempted murder, one was accused and sent to Uberaba prison. The knife used in the crime was also confiscated and handed over to the police.

According to a Registro de Eventos de Defesa Social (Reds – Social Defense Event Log) report, around 21h, a police garrison arrived at Leopoldino de Oliveira avenue, on the intersection with Niza Marquez Guaritá avenue and Nossa Senhora do Desterro, where they were found the victim on the ground, profusely bleeding. After assisting the victim, the officers set out to trace and arrest the suspects of the crime. Nine trans women were arrested: Isabela, 20; Aline, 25; F.V.S.M., 18; Sabrina, 20; Victory, 18; Bruna, 19; Gisele, 23; Raisa, 29 and Carol, 21.

The accused testified that the victim previously attacked her colleagues who wanted  her to share the prime location,

Then on Tuesday night, the accused allege, an argument over the spot became violent, when the woman known as Carol, is said to have stabbed the victim, in her chest (which hit the right lung), neck and right leg.

According to the Police, the cell phone of Raisa, one of the trans women detained, had messages about invading the spot and even about getting a gun to “scare” the victim. A pink purse with the knife used in the attack was found at the crime scene.

All detainees were taken to the police headquarters. The victim was sent to the Hospital de Clínicas da UFTM where she remains under observation. Carol was charged with attempted murder and held. As nothing is written about them, presumably the remaining trans women were released.

Source: JM Online

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)



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