Nicky Morgan Claims Equality Is A Core Conservative Policy


It would appear that anti-equality Equality Minister Nicky Morgan is even more deluded than we already thought. Making a speech today at the Conservative Party Conference the Secretary of State For Education and Minister For Women and Equalities made claims that the Conservative Party believes strongly in equality whilst simultaneously bashing the Labour Party.

Morgan said in her speech ‘I hold not one but two jobs in government. You know what they say – if you want a job done well, ask a busy man. If you want two jobs done well, ask a busy woman. it’s the same philosophy – the belief that everyone should have the same chances in life, that underpins my other job as Minister for Women and Equalities.

‘Equality for us isn’t about quotas, pink vans or separate train carriages. Instead, it’s about that core Conservative philosophy, which says the fact that you happen to be a woman, to be gay, to be from an ethnic minority, you should never have a barrier to you achieving your all.

‘Unlike the Labour Party, we practice what we preach – because women are the backbone of this party, and unlike Jeremy Corbyn, we have put them at the forefront of this government. That belief in equality of opportunity has been our guiding principal for the past five years.’

I’ve already made some of my views and opinions on Nicky Morgan clear in a previous article, that I believe having a Minister for Equalities who actively voted against marriage equality and publicly proclaimed that she stands by that vote should not hold the position that she does.

Her complaints that people can’t ‘get over’ her vote have been falling on deaf ears, and her claim that equality is a core Conservative principal is sure to be met with the same level of scepticism and outright dismissal. But perhaps she’s correct, perhaps putting women ‘at the forefront of this government’ is key to the Conservative. Maybe it’s that important that one particular woman has been put in a position she clearly has no right to be in. Yes Nicky, I’m talking about you.

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