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New York Mag’s ‘Dating a horse’, homosexuality, Natural News and transgender youth


Trigger Warning. This post is about the NY Mag’s. article “Dating a Horse,” and something appearing in “Natural News” that links it with California transgender children. The Natural News article was written by a man so hobbled by hate, he condemned transgender youth, somehow equating caring for school children with beastuality. Yes, the dark age’s mentality will forever haunt us.

The article by the Ny York Mag“What’s it like to date a horse” basically condoning zoophilia is sickening. As a lover of other species, I find it filthy and utterly disgusting. Beastuality violates the principle tenet of being a pet or animal lover, and that is respect.

So why should we care about the NYmag,com or the ‘natural news’? Apparently it’s something Gay blog’s understandably won’t touch because of the interviewee’s alleged sexual orientation. I say alleged because the purported horse dater opted not to go to jail and remained anonymous, which pretty much ruins the credibility of the article

We owe it to our transgender youth to respond to this. Animals love us unconditionally and  it shouldn’t matter to Veterinarians that I’m transgender but as you will see, this isn’t always true. Antonyms for bestiality “kindness”

Mike Adams at  “Natural News” had this after quoting the New Your Mag. article

” Mainstream media now positioning sex with animals as normal”

Some experts on social and cultural change have noted that other emerging trends appear to be bucking tradition, such as the move to mainstream transgendered bisexuality, as in a recent law signed in California by left-wing Gov. Jerry Brown that allows males to use female bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, on school campuses, based on what the individual student perceives his/her “sexual identity” to be.

The article linked to a media matters post One Month Later: How California’s Transgender Student Law Is Affecting Public Schools, I suppose in his mind to lend a sense of credibility to his outrageous contention.

A great way to understand this is found in Yahoo answers

Pedophilia and zoophilia are paraphilias; they’re sexual disorders, each concerned with non-consensual rape of either children or animals. The key is the issue of consent. A true sexuality is about consent first, last and always. Sexuality and gender identity is not considered to be a mental illness because of the way mental illness is defined. A mental illness prevents the sufferer from functioning normally within Society. Being straight, gay or transgender does not prevent a person from functioning normally in Society. It’s that simple.

Paraphilias are not believed to be inborn the way sexuality is. They are “overlays” overtop the person’s base sexuality (be it straight or gay) and are believed to distort the person’s sexuality over time. The causes are still not understood completely.

I generally try not to give people like Adams attention, who by the way isn’t a doctor, or even a nutritionist according to his bio.  Adam’s is  the son of a Pharmaceutical rep who’s”read a lot of books”…….

In conclusion, please, anyone who thinks zoophilia is defensible or understandable seek professional help. And I will will offer the same advice to Adams. Get help.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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