New birth certificates for trans people in Tijuana, Mexico

Not all news coming from Mexico is bad, and this one reflects a good Christmas gift for 15 trans people.

Unión de 'Trans' de las Californias

Last December, 15 people from the trans community in Baja California received new birth certificates with corrected names and gender by the state commissioner of Sexual Diversity said Marin Jaime Rocha and by Tita Viveros, founder of the Unión de ‘Trans’ de las Californias (California’s ‘Trans’ Union).

According to Rocha Viveros, they needed to travel to Mexico City for the changes to be made, since they are not possible in Baja California.

After receiving their corrected birth certificates, they can now validate their personal documents such as certificates or bank accounts with their authentic name and gender marker.

Source Entregan 15 nuevas actas de nacimiento a personas transgénero

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