McCrory finally concedes the election



Dec. 5th Pat McCrory posted a video on twitter in which he acknowledged defeat to NC Attorney General Roy Cooper in the race to be the 75th governor of North Carolina. It took a month of recounts under the threat of a coup in which the legislature could have subverted the democratic process if they deemed enough alleged voter irregularities were found. A total of three votes were found to have been counted incorrectly.

McCrory’s concession video didn’t make any mention of HB2 which has cost North Carolina millions in revenue. He also didn’t mention that the real reasons why he lost the Governorship. He underestimated NC voters ability to see through his bullshit. That and North Carolinians aren’t idiots as he had counted on.

The reason Pat McCrory lost was because of House Bill 2. If not for HB2 it would have been business as usual, with everyone doing their business as usual. Double entendre intended.

Why the North Carolina Governor’s Election Is Such a Big Deal for LGBT People

HB2 wasn’t just about dehumanizing transgender people as he consistently said. It was a direct attack against the most vulnerable in his state compromising voting rights and eighteen other injustices aimed at women and minorities.

It was a racist transphobic and homophobic attack by a white supremacist against North Carolinians. Period.

McCrory has one trick left as the country suspiciously looks on.

The Tar Heel reports that McCrory requested a special session for the General Assembly to be held on Dec. 13. He made the request at the fifth and final regional meeting of his Hurricane Matthew Recovery Committee, held Friday in Lenoir County.

“I want to thank the communities for their feedback and the members of the committee for their tireless work to help North Carolina recover,” McCrory said in a press release. “While this is the final regional meeting, our work to help those in need is far from complete.”

It is possible that McCrory could instruct the legislature in that special session to install two more state supreme court justices. The 2016 election saw one conservative judge ousted and a democratic judge elected tilting the bench a little more towards equality.

Will McCrory apologize for taking a half million dollars from the emergency fund to defend his hateful HB2 leaving the poorest to fend for themselves during Hurricane Mathew? No, I don’t think he will mention that either.

It’s too early to sing the wicked witch’s political career is dead but we can tell Pat to pack his bags.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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