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NC Gov McCrory’s Bald Face Lie laid bare by Chris Wallace



The Justice Department Friday gave McCrory a deadline of Monday to answer whether his state government would enforce HB2 before a full repeal could be completed.

McCrory inadvertently pointed out to Chris Wallace today on Fox News that the civil rights act does, in fact, include gender identity and expression under ‘sex’. He also accidently showed us how his government had intended circumventing the law.

When questioned by Wallace whether he would give the DOJ an answer by COB Monday McCrory said the federal government is being a bully and over-reaching their authority. Wallace persisted and grilled McCrory whether there has been a single case of transgender women molesting girls in a public bathroom. McCrory admitted that there were none the he was aware of.

So like haters MaCrory falls back on this old meme but he only succeeded in making a bigger ass of himself…

“I’m not gonna publicly announce that something discriminates which is agreeing with their letter because we’re really talking about a letter in which they’re trying to define gender identity and there is no clear identification or definition of gender identity.”

Wallace asked. “I want to explore whether it be over-reach for the justice department to send you a letter like this to say you cannot have bathrooms in the state capital one for whites and for blacks.”

McCrory responded “I don’t think there’s any correlation between the two and I think that is within the federal government’s authority but we can definitely define the race of people it’s very hard to define transgender and gender identity”

McCrory continued. “The justice department says the just like whites and blacks that transgender people are a protected class right legal that meaning a protected class under the 1964 Civil Rights what they say but that’s not what the federal law says. The federal law uses the term sex and Congress does not define sex as including gender identity or other terms that the justice department currently uses.” McCrory said.

Caught in his own web of transphobia….

When the Legislature wrote HB2 and McCrory signed it into law they purposely omitted the constitutionally protected category of “sex” and replaced it with a contrived word “Biological Sex”.
They knew that they had to redefine the Civil rights act in order to discriminate against people who’s gender identity and expression is something other than what might be listed on their birth certificate.

HB2 biological sex

McCrory can easily define transgender as someone he hates for no rational reason. There’s your definition McCrory.

H/T Raw Story

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. So Pat McCrory started this out of control blazin bathroom bs, which we all know is about far more than where our trans* brothers and sisters go potty. But, that aside, Pat McCroy in the beginning of this ridiculous steaming pile of horse shit issue stands his ground on the basis of protecting the rest of the public from child molesters of which he openly admits there to his knowledge had never been one case of? Doesn’t he realize the whole world is watching hide behind a glass door making an ass out of himself while he thinks he’s getting away with pulling the wool over everyone’s head? He’ s so see through at this point.


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