NAACP Announces NC HB2 Sit In at legislature

Transgender people are the new Incubus? This image was an 1800 meme used by racists portraying a black vampire who preyed on white women in their sleep. Source BC Brooks

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber speaking at the Pullen Memorial Baptist Church gave what may become known as the Selma speech of our time.

In his address Rev. Barber president of the NAACP sought to make a connection between the historical oppression that black people have suffered and HB2. But this can’t be fully understood in a short news clip announcing the forthcoming sit in. Investigating this we can come to understand how the same tactics used during the Reconstruction and Jim Crow era are being used today against the transgender community.

“You can’t understand the meaning behind these ALEC created religious freedom bills without understanding the history behind them.” Rev. Barber said. “The sexualized backlash behind the civil rights movement and how sexualization has long been used in this country to undermine progress.” The fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the united states was part of America’s first reconstruction. The fourteenth amendment says all people. says nothing about sex, it says all people, have a right to equal protection under the law.”

NC is now considered one of the most permissive open carry states

“It (the 14th amendment) had been passed to deal with the discrimination that had been written into the constitution regarding black people. That bill was faulted.”  Said Barber. “There were people who didn’t like equal protections under the law in 1800. So they called themselves religious, they called themselves The Redeemers and they said that equal rights protections for black people were a moral danger. And in order to get white former slave owners and those who believed in embodied racism to go along with being against the Fourteen amendment they said if you do not stop this equal protection under law these black men, these ravishing beasts who are eager to rape your white women.

“Understand this history when these people try and start these sexual fears. Black men were portrayed in newspapers as ravishing beasts. Questions were asked if you give them equality one of them might be in the restroom, they might come into your house and you have got to protect the women. You got to protect the children.” Said Rev Barber. “Here in North Carolina (most poignantly during the Wilmington race riot white ) vigilantes were armed and encouraged to defend their women.”

NC Gov McCrory tried to mitigate the fallout from HB2 through a Decree erroneously insinuating he a had effectively changed HB2. That of course, was misleading and untrue.

McCrory tried to salvage his reelection viability by promising to remove all of the hateful parts of HB2 except the parts targeting the trans community, knowing that would gain him political capital. But The NC Senate GOP Majority leader said he wouldn’t support a repeal of what he called the ‘bathroom safety bill’

When the North Carolina legislature reconvenes Monday morning they will face a public educated, unified and dedicated to erasing this bill from the books.

Rev, Barber  objects to the bill being referred to as a ‘bathroom bill’ while acknowledging that it specifically targets gender variant peoples,”Transgender people in this bill are being scapegoated the same way there is a history of scapegoating black people or Muslims or Latino’s. But there’s something even deeper here.

“What was the first add that we saw after this bill was passed? It showed a white woman coming out of the bathroom followed by a figure with a hoodie”

Thanks to Dr. Barber we now understand how the backlash by racist phobic people angry over losing the marriage equality battle is manifesting itself. They are using fear mongering in the same ways they did during the first reconstruction and for the same reasons.

Please consider attending and inviting friends to the protest Monday sponsored by the NC NAACP facebook event.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I am still awestruck having first heard of Rev. Barber’s position a couple of days ago. How refreshing it is to have someone finally put the assault on Trans Rights and the onslaught of the passage of Trans Crow legislation in its historical context. That being, a historical continuum.

    Finally, someone not expecting the Trans Community to fight this fight alone, but instead calling on the wider society to understand the obligation it has to fight back and defeat this appropriately dubbed Hate Bill 2.

    Oh how I wish I could be there tomorrow, but indeed my heart will ring out as this, I’m certain, will be our Edmund Pettus Bridge moment in history. We as a community have an obligation that when someone puts words into action, we have their back as well.

    For in the end, this isn’t just about bathrooms, nor is it just about us in the Trans Community, but a wider assault of McCrory- the Wallacite of his times – and his cornered teabagger rats who are finding themselves on the wrong side of history.


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