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Murdering Transsexual Brazilians an Olympic Event

Transsexual Brazilians
Piu da Silva a transgender Rio dancer’s 2 hour beating death recorded by her attackers went viral. Given the murder rate, it is reasonable to expect that a trans Brazilians murder will be an Olympic 2016 event.

Internet searches for ‘transsexual Brazilians” have skyrocketed, but not out of concern that currently one is murdered every third day. To most searchers, it’s all about Transsexual sex and #Rio2016.

The Olympics are coming to the Brazil and rich tourists, mainly closeted men, are making plans to indulge their transsexual fantasies while away from the prying eyes of wife and responsible media. After Rio 2016, they will go home sexually sedated, alibi in place. Most others will return home unconcerned about the 49 transgender people murdered in Brazil documented by Planetrans since the beginning of 2016, or the plight of those murdered as they watch sports.

And girlfriends, wives, bosses and buds will be none the wiser of their sexual escapades with Brazilian media’s systematic under-reporting, misinforming and misgendering of transgender murders. It’s so bad that many of the undocumented murders we report on were only discovered by diligently searching social media. It’s not Planetrans intention to discredit or discourage participation in the Rio summer games. However, we would be remiss if we did not use this opportunity to bring to the forefront the ongoing slaughter of transgender Brazilians.

All the following 15 crimes we reported against transgender women today identified the women as “transvestites” and treated them as males. Conversely, trans men are treated as females. All the crimes are labeled as homophobic since Brazils press consider transphobia the same as homophobia (or transphobia does not exist, only homophobia).


Via FB came the news that an unidentified trans woman was murdered in the early hours on June 13th in Afonso Pena Av. in Belo Horizonte, stabbed 3 times in the neck. Apparently, her name was Thais.

Source: homofobiamata.wordpress.come/

In the early hours of Friday 24th June, a trans woman was found stabbed to death in Guavira lane, Guanabara garden, near the Cruzeiro cemetery, in the Coronel Antônino region in Campo Grande. She was stabbed in the belly.

Police were called about 430 a.m. and found a transwoman called Luana laing in the street. According to the police, Luana was found by another trans woman, who called the police and the emergency health units, but when these arrived she was already dead.

Luana didn’t have any papers with her. The location where she was found is known for having many sex workers. according to the police. A witness on the scene stated to have heard screams and saw a man running with a knife on his hands.

The motive for the crime and the identity of the suspect are unknown. Luana seems to be in her 30’s. The case is under investigation.

Source: midiamax.com.br1


Sheila Santos, also known as Neném, a resident of Calabar neighborhood, was also murdered on Saturday night (24) in the Contorno Avenue, opposite of Gamboa entrance.

The victim was very dear and known in the Federation region. Along with friends, she was one of the organizers of the traditional Calabar’s and Alto das Pombas Gay Parades.

A witness reported that she was a drug user and went to  buy drugs. “She was just about to go to Gamboa to buy drugs when she was approached by unknown men in a white car who shot her several times, “

Friends and family are disgusted with the crime. “There’s no expanation for this crime. She did not mess with anyone, she was a good person, everyone loved and liked her. She respected everyone. The Calabar and the Alto das Pombas had a sad dawn, “stated a friend.

Source: informebaiano.com.br



Saturday 25th June, a 24 years old trans woman, Danyelly Barby, is leaving a hotel in the centre of Mogi das Cruzes. On the corner of Princesa Isabel de Bragança and Coronel Souza Franco, she was shot to death.

When police arrived, she was already being helped by the emergency health units unsuccessfully. Crime scene units were at the location. According to police, who view taped images from the hotel security cameras, the prime suspect is a young man seen entering the hotel with the victim.

No arrests have been made so far.

Source: g1.globo.com


On June 29th, the Military Police recorded another murder in the city, where a “transvestite” was shot dead outside her house in the Residential 2000 neighborhood.

According to police, E.R.R. 42, was at her home on Antonio Francisco Alves street in the company of “his brother” identified as Daiane Brazil, 36, ” According to E., her brother she was approached by a blonde woman known as “Valerie” asking for her, but told her that she was not in the house.

Minutes afterwards, Daiane received a call on her mobile device, and, after answering it, she went to the residence door and started talking to unidentified people. At that time she eas shot four times by an unknown person who fled at high speed on a motorcycle towards the BR-262 highway. Witnesses who heard the sounds of the shots rushed to the street, along with her brother and saw Daiane fallen into the door of the house bleeding profusely and called for help.

&An Advanced Support Unit ambulance from the Mobile Emergency Service was at the crime scene, and during medical consultations found that Daiane was hit by four shots and died.

The criminal expert Claudio Daniel Fonseca attended the murder site, and stated that Daiane was killed with four shots, one in the face, one in the neck and two in the chest. Her body was sent to the headquarters of the Legal Medicine Institute (IML), and was later released to their families for the funeral and burial.

The murderers have not been arrested yet and are being sought by police.

Source: jornaldeuberaba.com.br


On the 30th of June came news that Fabieli, a trans woman, died on the 18th in the prison where she was being held for drug trafficking.

Apparently she died from an infection on her breast prosthetics, but some rumours say she was murdered.



During the early hours of Sunday July 3rd a trans woman, Pandora W.P.Santos, 26, was killed in the Centro neighborhood, in the city of San Sebastian where she was stabbed to death. The Emergency Medical Service (SAMU) was called, but they found her aiready dead.


According to elements from the 3º Batalhão de Polícia Militar (Military Police Battalion), witnesses stated that Pandora was leaving a party when she was approached by a man who struck the blows and fled.

Elements from a CSU were at the scene and collected preliminary evidences to investigate whether the murder was due to transphobia (Homophobia as reported in the original article).

After the initial examination her body was taken to the city of Arapiraca.

Source: gazetaweb.globo.com


Two transwomen were shot in the early hours of Wednesday July 6th in João Medeiros Filho Avenue, in the North Zone of Natal. According to the military police, a black Volkswagen Voyage with obscured plates drove by a prostitution zone close to an electronics store, where the two women were.


Several shots were made from inside the car at the women, who did not have their identities disclosed. The victims were shot in the back and legs. Medics treated them at the scene and took the women to a hospital. The Military Police searched the area but the vehicle was not located. It is not known how many people were in the car, nor who fired the shots.

The motivation for the crime is unknown. The health status of one of the victims is unknown, but via FB it is said that one of the two women was named Jacqueline, and she passed away due to her injuries.

Source tribunadonorte.com.br

July 7th 2016, Donizete Rodriguez Silva, 48 anos, trans woman, who was llving in Rua Guia Lopez, Vila Industrial neighbourhood, in Dourados city, was found dead in the morning.

A 23 years old friend, who lives with her for 3 months, woke up around 930 am and realized she was not in bed and stated she was laying besides the bed against the wall. According to him, she seemed dead.

Then he called Bom Jesus funerary. The funerary employee who attended the call went to the house and realised Donizete had blood on her head, so he decided to call the police.

Other media state that the police was called by neighbours who found the victim fallen inside her home. The Mobile Energency Service was called and tried to perform resuscitation unsuccessfully. The cause of death is still unknown and police are investigating.

Source: diarioms.com.br



A trans man was brutally clubbed to death Saturday 9th July 2016 around 3 pm on Estrada da Lavrinhas street, in the Venda Nova do Imigrante neighbourhood. The crime shocked residents of the city who followed the work of the police.

Dias, 33, worked as an elderly caregiver and hospital escort. According to witnesses Dias left a bar and was walking down the street when a dark Fiat Palio stopped. A man stepped down and started to argue with Dias, struck several blows and fled the scene. The weapon used was a piece of wood with a nail.

Police were searching the area and notified nearby police forces when on Monday 11th, accompanied by a lawyer, attended the police station and confessed the crime. As his arrest has already been decreeted, he was detained and taken to Viana Provisional Detention Center.

According to Maria Elisabete Zanoli, city deputy, he stated he hit Dias with no intention to kill him. According to him, Dias came to the bar where he was already and began teasing him saying he was dating a beautiful woman that her wife was not giving account. Diana then picked up a phone and called a person, which he said it was his wife, and said he would get her at work and left the bar. He then followed him on a Fiat Palio and found him arguing with her daughter, with a piece of wood in his hand. He went into battle with Dias and then took the wood from his hand and began to hit him.

The case is still being investigated. The wife and daughter of the accused will be heard by the police.

Source: aquinoticias.com


On Monday 11th July the body of a young trans woman is found with signs of strangulation on her neck and shoulder.


Her name was Nycole Rocha, the city’s 2014 Diversity Queen, age 19 or 21 (according to different media). According to police, her body was found by some maintenance employees of the Arrozão Gym laying next to a kiosk in the Fenarroz park.

Nycole was an activist for the rights of trans people and belonged to the Cachoeira do Sul Carnival festivities, where she was elected Diversity Queen in 2014.

Her body was identified by family members. Two teenagers were caught by the police and are being questioned. According to police deputy Fabiane de Vargas Bittencourt, the two teens were drinking in the park when Nycole arrived and an argument started. The two then punched and kicked Nycole and beat her head against the ground, causing trauma.

Source: jornaldopovo.com.br




Milan, Italy, July 11th 2016, An argument starts between 2 brazilian transgender women, apparently out of jealousy. One of them, Paula Dior, 32, is injured. Tha Carabinieri (italian police units) took her to a hospital. When waitng, she just ran to a window and jumped from the 3rd floor to her death. Apparently drugs are involved.

Source: .milanotoday.it


Via FB – July 12th 2016. A trans woman, Xena, is murdered in the city of São Luís, Maranhão state. She was shot in the leg, hitting an artery, when she was returning home with a friend.

Friends stated she was not a drug user nor was she involved with crime. Her body waits for family recognition for she had no papers at the time.



Wednesday July 13th 2016, residents of the Bairro das Indústrias neighbourhood, on the south side of João Pessoa city, found the body of a transgender woman near BR-101 highway.

The Unidentified woman was stabbed approximately 15 times and had one hand chopped off, acording to Paraíba Military Police.


Still according to police, the body was found next to a walkway on the BR 101 highway, around 8h am, by people who notified the police stating that there was a body lying in the undergrowth. Upon arriving at the location, police found that it was the body of a trans woman.

Police is investigating, the csu collected evidences from the site, but so far police haven’t discovered the identity of the victim, and are still looking for the murderer or murderers. The body was taken to the Legal Medicine Institute of the city.

Source: joaoesocorro.wordpress.com

Eduarda Alice Santoshttp://transfofa.blogspot.pt/
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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