Murdered Transwoman Nathalia Figueiredo threatened by trans sisters says mother

We have an unexpected twist to report about the murder of Nathalia Figueiredo as allegations of bullying and threats from her own trans sisters comes to light.

As we reported ealier the murder happened around 5pm on Beira Mar Avenue, where a party was happening where the Chimarruts (a reggae band) were playing. Nathallya left in her Renault Logan,  presumably after the attack looking for help. A caretaker of a nearby building saw her and alerted the police. She was taken to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries and died.

Hours earlier, as we reported, another trans woman had been stabbed nearby and was hospitalized in serious condition at the Hospital Santa Luzia.

Apparently it was a brawl between transgender sex workers on the beach of Capão da Canoa that led to the death of Nathallya. The hypothesis is supported by the mother of Nathallya, Alessandra Correia Lima, 44. Still shaken by the murder, she reported that her daughter had been threatened, and told us that a friend of hers saw the alleged authors of intimidation accompanied by youths armed with knives in the early hours of Sunday.

Nathallya has been living in Paris for about two years, where she worked as a graphic designer, according to Alessandra. She had traveled to Capão da Canoa holidaying, but local transgender sex workers thought she would also engage in sex work. The mother believes that this was the trigger of crime, based on the testimony of a person who, according to her, was with Nathallya hours before the murder.

“A friend who was with her said she saw a group of young people together with a group of trans people. One of the boys took a knife and showed it to my daughter and her friend, and said he was willing to open some holes and rips in ‘fagots transvestites. “He spoke like that,” said the mother.

Alessandra says that, before the murder, she had become aware of a conversation between Nathallya and a friend in France, where she revealed she had been threatened by transgender sex workers from the beach.

“This friend told her not to go out at night because she was too ‘targeted’ in Capão, as the ‘brunette walking on the white car’ or the ‘big hair brunette’, and local transgenders were angry with her presence, to which she replied ‘I know, I have been threatened’ This transsexual who threatened my daughter is the pimp of Capão. My daughter sent word that she was not in Brazil to work because she had her life made in Europe and was on vacation. the others wrongly understood she was boasting,” said her mother.

The circumstances of the crime lead Natalia’s mother to believe it was motivated by a quarrel, not a robbery. According to her, who dealt the stab wounds in her daughter left a cell phone that was with her, and that costs more than R$ 6000.

“There are very strange things. My daughter’s dress was wet and bloody. She had seven stab wounds, the body was stained with sand, had wounds on the left side meaning defense. There was fight, and nothing was stolen from her,” she argues.

Interviewed by G1, the delegate in charge, Sabrina Deffente, said police initially ruled out any connection between the murder and the stabbing of another trans woman (transvestite) the same night. Alessandra, however, disagrees. She explains that the quarrel between her daughter and the others transgenders began in Gravataí, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, where both her family and the alleged transgenders live. “There is an anger with a trans from Gravataí on vacation in Capão and who was on the show, who saw my daughter,” she said.

Nathalia was buried on Monday (18) in Cachoeirinha, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. In mourning, Alessandra recalls her daughter’s qualities.

“She was always a loving person, honorable, very humble. Her flag was humility. I raised her in saying do not pay evil with evil, to pay evil with good. She was a very happy person. Where she was it was only joy, taking care of the environment. She has always been generous, so much that she came with excess bags from France, for it was full of scents to give away, “.

Police officials said that a man already testified in the witness condition later on Sunday and another individual will be heard in the coming days. Police is now looking for images of cameras that may have caught the death of Nathallya or movements near the car.

Officers from Capão da Canoa police went to the streets on Monday to make a recognition of the crime scene and look for possible cameras.

Source: G1

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