MTV now casting Transgender parents and family for new show

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Christina Calisi a Casting Associate Producer at MTV is working on a new project. If your family has a parent or teenage-child in transition she’d like to talk to you.

She told the Planet in an email “We’re hoping to depict an honest, unique and respectful experience by showing the love and laughter of one family.” The show will be in the development phase so until it gets the “Green Light” many of the specific’s won’t be known.

What’s not known?

The name and type of show or if there will be a transgender advisory position, and if so, what say they would have in the final content.

What is known?

MTV is a huge supporter of Laverne Cox publishing her transgender etiquette and aired her Doc on trans youth. And then there’s Janet Mocks Truth on MTV which takes a honest look at the struggles and victories of transgender people around the world.

And then of course there’s Against Me! Laura Jane Grace’s closet on MTV.

Ms. Calisi told me in a phone conversation that she’s searching for the ‘perfect’ family. She hopes to find an ‘amazing fun-loving family’ that finds humor in the trials of transition.

I was more than a little concerned about the casting call soliciting children to contact MTV about their transgender parents. There’s a world of potential problems with that. Christina hoping to allay those fears said if a teen should respond to the casting call MTV would ask them to have their parents contact them before doing anything else. She emphatically stated that should the respondent be cisgender, the follow-up contacts would be handled with tact. She said as a casting producer for MTV she has often handled sensitive subjects.

And have you seen the video just released by MTV artist Bad Suns“SALT”? Simply amazing. Mine and many like me life story told in a two minute dance video. And made by a cisgender dancer! Amazing.

Looking at the recent interactions with transgender people its clear that MTV has the knowledge and tools to produce a meaningful transgender show. So lets green light it already!

If you are a transgender parent and wish to be considered click here for your casting call. Transgender youth or children with trans paraents 15 to 25 can click here for your casting call.


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