MS Trans Man Kris Maroney takes sex crime plea deal

Kris Maroney

Kris Maroney / Sun Herald

Lucedale transgender man Kris Maroney, 24, plead guilty Monday to charges that he had sex with a Minor transgender male. According to reports the two were in an emotional relationship during 2012 when the assaults occurred.

Four of the sexual battery charges and the one touching charge are for crimes committed against the minor in George County and two sexual battery charges are for crimes committed against the same victim in Jackson County

Judge Dale Harkey deferred sentencing until Sept. 2 while a pre-sentence investigative report is prepared. According to The Sun Herald Maroney remains free on bond pending sentencing.

Sexual battery carries a maximum sentence of 20 years and a charge of touching of a child for lustful purposes is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

From Feb 2016 Trigger warning. Misgendering.

Missippi flag

Of interest to note although unrelated, that a delegate at the Democratic convention from Mississippi “snatched it down” (her state flag) and it remained down after participants and protesters alike agreed that it was offensive to them.

It was removed from its posts inside and outside the arena, as the Mississippi Democratic delegation and protesters agreed that it was offensive. The flag features the stars and bars symbol of the Confederacy in the upper left corner of the rectangular flag that also has three stripes — one red, one white and one blue.

Vallena Greer, a Democratic delegate from Mississippi, told the Washington Examiner she saw the flag on the Mississippi delegation’s post inside the convention hall and immediately took it down.

“I just lost it. I snatched it, I threw it under the seat,” Greer said. “I didn’t want to see it, nobody else from Mississippi wanted to see that.”

Readopted in April 2001 the flag is unique among U.S. state flags as it is the sole remaining U.S. state flag which still depicts the Confederate battle flag’s saltire after Georgia adopted a new state flag in 2003.

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