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Motion denied. US Marine Scott Pemberton’s trial for murder begins Monday

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October 11, 2014 Pemberton was recorded on CCTV leaving a bar with transgender woman Jennifer Laude. A few moments later the two were seen entering a room at the Celzone Lodge, a nearby motel. Friends who accompanied Pemberton out of the bar have testified that he told them to leave the two alone, but a DNA test of the used condoms found in the room proved that they were not Pemberton’s. Pemberton was seen shortly after that leaving the room by himself by hotel staff.

Pemberton’s attorney has tried three times to get a lesser bailable charge of homicide, even purportedly offering 12 million peso (US $46,000) to settle with her mother. But the Laude family has refused to be bribed and are not allowing the court to intimidate them to appease the government. They are demanding #JusticeForJennifer and will not accept anything less than a verdict of guilty by murder.

The trial of Scott Pemberton accused of murdering Filipino transgender woman Jennifer Laude begins Monday.

Justice for jennifer postThe motel Staff later found Laude dead. The coroner reported that Laude died of asphyxiation with her head forced under water. Marks on her neck are consistent with the marks left by a toilet bowl lid had had it been the murder weapon.

Private Pemberton is accused of standing on the toilet bowl lid drowning Ms. Laude in the water.

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Jennifer’s sister’s anguish.

The VOA reports that Harry Roque, an attorney for the Laude family, said the court and Pemberton’s lawyers attempted three times to get the family to agree to a lesser charge of homicide, which in the Philippines is a bailable offense, unlike murder.

“We have rejected all posture and we have maintained our position that we want to see justice served and we want to see Pemberton behind bars – for life,” said Roque.

The case which been used by patriots who are opposed to the US presence in the Philippines. This has been a mixed blessing. While it allowed for better media reporting it has also muddied the waters for trans activist who are primarily concerned that there be #JusticeForJennifer.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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