More Heartrending news from Brazil


Three more violent murders, an assault and a life lost due to silicone injections.

Transman Kaique Klein, 18, a human resource management student  from Sao Paulo was attacked on his way home.

On Wednesday 6th, when coming from college, Klein was brutally beaten in front of his house in Barueri, São Paulo.

Describing his ordeal in FB, he explains that he was chased by two transphobic men who punched him in his mouth while shouting slurs such as “Aren’t you a man? and “We will make you go back to being a woman, you don’t even have a dick”, leaving no doubt that this was a  transphobic crime.

Kaique Klein

Kaique also tells that, after the beating, he went to file a complaint with the Barueri Police Department. At the police station, he was told surveillance in the area was being reinforced.

“I am a trans man, and a fully one. I may not have a dick between my legs, but I have something better it’s called character and that no one can take away from me”, he stated.


A trans woman, 35, was shot in the Etuzi Takayama street, in São João Park, late on Friday.

brazil trans murder

According to witnesses, someone on a black color motorcycle passed and fired at the victim, identified as Vanessa Prestes. She was taken in critical condition to the Regional do Litoral Hospital but did not resist and died.

Vanessa was a PSOL LGBT militant and an active member in the prevention and protection of STD / HIV / AIDS, and was a well-known figure both by the LGBT community as by revelers since in all carnivals she paraded as in several samba schools of the city.


And two more murders have surfaced.

Paty’s dress was so pretty . What could she have possibly done to deserve this?

Brazil murders 4

The first one happened on March 27th. Her name was O. S. Borges and she was beaten to death.

The most recent one happened last Monday, when the body of Paty, a trans woman, was found lifeless with two knife wounds.

Both murders happened in the Imperatriz area.

There are not much info on either of these cases. We will update when we learn more.

Nicole Alves
Nicole Alves

Finally, via FB, came the new that a trans woman, Nicole Alves, died due to the recent use of industrial silicone. The use of industrial silicone is very common among the brazilian trans community that, for a variety of reasons, can’t afford prosthesis.

Her companion still called for help but she didn’t resist.

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