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Minnesota State High School League votes to allow transgender sports participation

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Amongst the plethora of victories trans people celebrate this week none seem quite as satisfying as the win in Minnesota. It’s plain to see, the haters know where the true battle ground is. They spared no expense utilizing Fox news and buying full-page transphobic adverts in the local newspaper. However, all that hate was for naught. The Minnesota State High School League passed rules allowing transgender students to participate in the team which aligns with there gender expression.

While the haters were focusing on spreading lies in Minnesota we won in Toledo where the city adopted a hate crime enhancement law after the attack on a city transgender woman.

The Shenendehowa School District Board of Education Tuesday adopted a policy that allows students and staff to use bathrooms and locker rooms that are not in conflict with their gender identity.

Saskatchewan has changed its human rights legislation to protect transgender people from discrimination.

On the third the Us Government clarified federal policy which says Transgender Students’ Gender Identity Must Be Respected.

And for a cherry on top, Nicole Maines family and GLAD won their school discrimination lawsuit and were awarded $75000.

A huge week for transgender people’s advancement, a sensational week for human rights.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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