Minneapolis Star Tribune runs second transphobic advert timed to do the most harm.

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If Minneapolis Star Tribune’s advert subbed any other minority there’d be a riot. They’d be ransacked.

So why did they do it? They knew they’d be condemned. Because they thought they’d profit from it.

Greedy bastards.

It’s all about money for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The school board is voting on the inclusion of transgender students in sports Thursday so they knew the adverts would attract a lot of attention.

This is fear mongering hate speech. There has never been an incident of a transgender person acting improperly in a restroom in any of the states where trans inclusive laws or rules are in place.

The authorities who enacted said laws verified this!

It doesn’t matter if the organization paying for the ads  are a known hate group. As long as this cash cow makes money the Minneapolis Star Tribune will do it, regardless of how many people are hurt or worst, die from it.

Will a trans student beat out a cisgender athlete in competition? I’ve been trying for years. The best I can do is the top three but anything is possible.

NCAA recommends trans inclusive sports.

Second study confirms medical intervention in trans kids is safe

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