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Owen Bondono
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Michigan Teacher of The Year Worries About Returning To School

Owen Bondono, (He, Them) was named the 2020-2021 Michigan Teacher of the Year (MTOY) making him the first Michigan transgender educator to receive that honor. The surprise announcement was made during a June virtual conference call.

And as wonderful as that news is it takes a backseat to fears about reopening schools during the pandemic.

As much as Bondono values one-on-one his interactions in the classroom he has become a leading voice in concerns doing so will accelerate the spread of COVID-19. He raised many eyebrows and hackles when he CBS 4 that ‘students could die’ if they return to classrooms in person.

The Bridge, a local non-profit news service reports that the state hasn’t released a coherent plan to protect children, school staff, their families, and communities.

The Republican-led House and Senate went home after a single legislator tested positive. While this was a wise decision it leaves the school’s 1.5 million students at risk.

Educators have until August 15 to submit a plan. But without a budget and required attendance Vis-à-vis in-person or virtual attendance they say that they are being set up for failure.

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