Michigan case to remove barriers to change driver license moves forward

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U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds ruled Monday that a civil rights lawsuit to change Michigan’s driver licence gender marker requirement can go forward denying the States motion to dismiss.

Current Michigan law is nothing short of state-mandated eugenics, requiring sterilization (SRS) before allowing birth certificate gender marker amendments. The state requires that the birth certificate gender is the same as what is indicated on the driver licence.

Many Transwomen in Michigan live in fear when using public accommodations or avoid them altogether seriously denigrating the value of their lives.

Two plaintiffs from Idaho and one from Ohio can not amend their driver licence. One from South Carolina requires a court order.

All found have found it “impossible or unduly burdensome” to change the gender recorded on their driver’s licence.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson changed the driver licence requirements in 2011 apropos of nothing.

Tina Seitz, one of the plaintiffs told Planet Transgender “With all the violence levied against the trans community, the only reason for a policy like that developed by Ruth Johnson (SOS) is political gain with conservative voters at the expense of our lives.”

When asked about what was next Seitz answered, “This is going to trial unless SOS Johnson gives up, which I doubt. This was just the state trying to get it dismissed and (a) judge (who) told the state to stuff it. And yes, we want (a legal) precedent”

This case will impact every US trans person as it goes’ forward to determine if Michigan’s Driver License law is unconstitutionally denying another’s rights.

Read Honorable Nancy G. Edmunds opinion here

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