Michelle Suarez: “It’s a dubious honor” to be the first transgender Uruguayan Senator

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Lawyer and activist on sexual diversity, Michelle Suarez was elected alternate senator for the Communist Party spoke of her adolescence.
Source El Observador.com. Lawyer and activist on sexual diversity, Michelle Suarez, will be the first trans enter Parliament as a legislator. This activist who participated in the drafting of the law admitted that equal marriage is an “honor” to make history with its inclusion, but said it is a “sad” honor. “It was the same when I finished my career at the University.

The road was very complicated, “said Friday Mariano Lopez interviewed by The Observer TV.Suarez recalled that 15 years ago when she decided to change her identity, she was listening to the radio and read in magazines that many people shamelessly attacking trans people. They said “no fucking kill them or burn them,” she recalls saying Suarez during adolescence. But now this kind of attacks are frowned upon, which is progress, considered.

Born in Canelones, she completed his secondary education at the Liceo de Salinas. It is the first transsexual that achieves a degree in Uruguay after graduating as a lawyer from the Law Faculty of the University of the Republic in 2010. 1

She completed her career with another identity and graduated with a diploma under delivery female identity. To change your school did a request, not only to change the school, but to change the title with their current legal name, thus creating a precedent at the University of the Republic.

In addition to working independently, is an integral and advise the legal department of the Uruguayan organization Black Sheep, is also a lecturer. 4 Since March 2014 a member of the political party Frente Amplio . 5 The first trans ever elected alternate senator by the Communist Party of Uruguay . Wiki.

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