Michelle Rodriguez to play a pissed off castrated (trans?) hitman in “Tomboy”

The fresh new face of the transgender community?

The fresh new face of the transgender community?

“Tomboy” a sexual reassignment surgery revenge flick starring Resident Evil’s Michelle Rodriguez as the antagonized vagin-ized hit man and Sigourney Weaver as the SRS surgeon who did the dirty deed.

The script according to the Hollywood reporter “centers on an ace assassin who is double-crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as “The Doctor,” who turns him into a woman. The hitman (now a hitwoman) sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie, who also has secrets.”

What could go wrong with a movie called ‘Tomboy, a Revengers Tale” about a hitman who was given a vagina as an act of revenge and spent the next days, presumably doing what a hit he/she does, murdering and slaughtering in a quest for vindication?

I mean What could possibly be wrong with a movie about a man who was forced against his will into having his cock cut off and replace with a pussy. I mean wouldn’t that the ultimate humiliation for any real man? What could possibly be worst than to be emasculated, made into a woman? Now Tomboy is rightfully pissed off and wants revenge. Wouldn’t any man react like that?

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Well for starters, as this movie was being announced the fourth largest city in the nation, Houston, is going to the polls to decide whether trans people should have equal rights. Now these immoral rich assholes are sensationalizing, dehumanizing and profiting and worst misinforming and misleading people about our struggle to live authentically.

Granted there are worst things to call some than ‘Tomboy’ but in this context its problematic and confusing. In some parts of the world calling a transman, a tomboy is considered defamatory.

Even Glaad which too often promotes trans roles played by cisgender actors objected saying  ‘Tomboy’ is “Disappointing”: Gender Reassignment Surgery Isn’t a “Sensationalistic Plot Device” and noting in the 2015 Where we are at report

  • There are no transgender characters counted on primetime broadcast programming, while only three recurring trans characters were counted on cable (2%). Streaming series boast the highest percentage of trans characters at 7% (4) with two notably being series leads. Of the seven trans characters counted, only one was a transgender man.

Glaad fails to note that those numbers are not accurate due to the overwhelming number of cisgender people playing trans parts.

And finally. I say this as diplomatically as possible.

It’s not like the Michelle Rodriguez((30 million) and Sigourney Weaver(40 Million) aren’t already rich. Transgender people struggle at every level of education. According to the Task Force, we are 4 to 5 times more likely to make less than $10K a year than the general population.

Anyone who would do this to a marginalized minority already living on the fringe of society loses all respect from me.

Disclaimer: No I haven’t seen as much as a trailer for this disgusting film. I am sure though that these pigs are testing the water. They want to see what sort of response “Hitman” will get from the LGBT community after witnessing the spectacular monetary fail that “Stonewall the movie” suffered.
They may go as far as to hire some transgender ‘consultants’ crew or even cast some bit parts to mollify the community when filming starts Nov. 9th.

Not having seen the script we don’t know whom Rodriguez will target with her anger. It’s possible that this release was designed to optimize exposure by getting the biggest bang for their advertising buck in pissing off the transgender community, baiting us into a seemingly knee-jerk reaction. Meanwhile, the “Tomboy” fights for all of the oppressed people in the world after having a miraculous epiphany, leaving us with egg on our faces.

In any case my advice to trans community? Don’t become involved with this. There is no way possible to redeem it. It’s evil.

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