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Michelle Rodriguez Delights in sick (Re)Assignment role


Hollywood has gone from being apologetic (sic) for transface to openly celebrating the deadly dysphoria causing roles. Such is the case with Michelle Rodriguez and (Re)Assignment a movie in which a cisgender hitman is punished with gender reassignment surgery.

The community smelled a rat when the name of the movie abruptly changed from “Tomboy: A Revenger’s Tale”, to “(Re)Assignment”, but some were eager to give Rodriguez of Fast and Furous fame a free pass. But many of us wondered what other reason could the title change have been made other than to that the cut our community a little deeper?

Rodriguez stumbling over the LGBT acronym while responding ty TMZ about the backlash,  She justified her  role by comparing her part as a transgender person (TRANSFACE)  to Blackface basically telling us we were lucky to have her in a transgenderr’ role of any kind.

POP CRUSH did a great job of breaking down her response: “No press is bad press, baby! You know what I mean?” Rodriguez added. “I remember a day when white people were playing black people. So it’s just about the evolution.”
She then insensitively misgendered and (deadnamed) Caitlyn Jenner before reducing being transgender to a “popular subject matter.”
“Thank Kris Jenner for becoming who he became,” Rodriguez said. “And now you have a popular subject matter that nobody wanted to make a movie about, and now everybody’s on it.”

Bloody Dirty and disheveled Michelle Rodriguez was filmed exiting a building by paparazzi apparently after punishment (SRS surgery).



Michelle Rodriguez (net worth 30 million dollars) knows good and well nothing positive could come from this or  she wouldn’t have tried to validate (re)Assignment with that lame blackface comparison. She probably don’t even know or care that transgender students are being sued in 13 states to deny them the right to life.

We do know that Michelle Rodriguez is  profiting from our pain and laughing all the way to the bank.

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. Congratulations and good luck with that, you’re going to need it. I’m not trying to take away from what you’re doing here, because strangely the world does need more people like you, of which I am genuinely grateful, thank you! However in my experience, when I reflected upon history, it’s a bit like trying to stop human beings from waging war. It just doesn’t work! They’ve been doing it from the dawn of humanity and they always will. Human’s are cattle, easily led, and some, inherently evil. No sooner do we get rid of one arsehole, only to have him/her replaced with another. The one thing I’ve noticed about our community, is tgey’re always fighting, if not against the injustices of our world, with each other. When I learnt to accept and let go of all that, to only surround myself with loving and like minded people, to ignore the injustices of this world, of which there are many, much broader than our cause, did I truly find peace.

    To hell with actors and movie producers, who needs them. I didn’t give them a free pass, I just acknowledged what they are, ignored them, instead of allowing my emotions to be affected by their energy.

  2. Hayden, I agree with what you said up to the point where you give actors or the entities behind the productions a free pass, and well, to borrow your words ‘it ain’t gonna happen!’.

    It is a business but it’s not ‘pure and simple’.

    We have changed the way that we have been treated in the United States by objecting to business has treated us.

    We have changed ‘reality’ and will continue to do so by making every production company and every actor consider if such harmful work’s payoff would be worth the social and monatary backlash.

    Wit “Stonewall the Movie”.

    There will always be lowlifes who write this tripe and scourge who will participate and profite from show runner to actor but that’s where your reality and my diverge.

    No free passes. Translivesmatter.

  3. Kelli I understand your viewpoint, but my remark had nothing to do with Rodriguez. My remark was actually about the producers and their choice in movie titles. But since you brought it up, I would like to say this.

    It is correct that people in our community are often the subject of some very poor behaviour, as you report on at “Planet transgender.”

    And I do agree that Rodriguez behaviour may have been quite offensive to people within our community, however, she owes us nothing, and nor does anyone else for that matter. While I understand and sympathise with the frustrations experienced by people within our community, I do feel at times like there is an expectation that the world owes us something, where in actual fact, the world owes us nothing, only to be treated with the same dignity and respect as others.

    So to expect some Hollywood actor who is getting paid to do a job, to automatically use her position, or the movie, as some patform to support our community, it aint gonna happen! Not unless she has a vested interest. She owes us nothing, only to treat us with the same respect she would expect others to treat her. She’s getting paid to act in a movie, not fight for trans rights.

    It’s a business, it really is that simple. They’re there to make money. And as a commercial venture, people should expect that they’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal, even if it means behaving in an immoral or unethical manner. It may not be right but it’s reality! I don’t agree with it, but it is what it is.

  4. Hayden, when Rodriguez said “No press is bad press, baby! You know what I mean?” everyone assumed she was speaking on behalf of the trans community.
    No, it’s obvious she wasn’t. She was talking about the free press that her movie is receiving and undoubtedly attributed to the more ‘marketable’ name change.
    Why is it our people are so quick to excuse others behavior?
    Yeah it’s rich.
    She’s delighting in enriching herself at the expense of our lives.

  5. Hollywood movie producers only care about making money. Looking at this subjectively, it’s easy to see that the movie title (Re)Assignment is simply a better title, more marketable than its former. I doubt very much whether the producers did this out of malice. To suggest they did it to “cut our community”, I think is an oversensitive reaction. It’s a bit rich! But I understand why some would think otherwise.

    It makes good news.


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