Michelle Hendley stars in “Boy Meets Girl” a transgender blockbuster

Boy Meets Girl is what we've been waiting for.


Transgender actress Michelle Hendley comparing high school memories tells two elderly bluegrass ladies ‘and I was a boy. That sucked”.

Set in the south “Boy Meets Girl” demolishes gender barriers and stereotypes introducing uninitiated cisgender people to the realities of the transgender experience.

Hendle told Indie wire why she took the part. For me it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. A transgender woman playing the role of a transgender woman in a film that authentically represents the trans experience is nothing short of revolutionary for my community. I was nervous as hell, but entirely too passionate about the story of BMG to back down from the role. I was ready to go as soon as I finished reading the script!

Michelle was interviewed in September 2013 by Monika Kowalska who told her

“Right now I’m just finishing up cosmetology school, and hoping to move out to New York City to pursue acting within the next year. Recently, I starred in an upcoming film called ‘Boy Meets Girl’ about a transgender girl named Ricky directed by Eric Schaeffer. I encourage everyone to check this film out. I’m really hoping it will reach out to people and speak some truths about the trans experience. If this film does well, I can only imagine where I might be in 5-7 years. I would love to be a spokesperson for the transgender community and help spread the word. If worse comes to worse, I hope to make makeup my profession.”

You can find the screenings here

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