Miami Trans Woman Yuni Carey Herrera Murdered at home – Report

Yuni Carey
Yuni Carey - Scars to Your Beautiful / 2017
Yunieski Carey Herrera
Yuni Carey – Scars to Your Beautiful

The woman who has been reported murdered at home by Miami media was Yunieski Carey Herrera according to friends. Mainstream media has yet to confirm her name but according to friends, Yuni as she was affectionately known was a beloved friend and an activist in the entertainment scene.

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Ygor ArrudaSouza Confessed to Murdering wife Yuni Carey Herrera

Local reports that a woman was found unresponsive inside her unit at the Art Plaza Apartments in Miami.

She was later pronounced dead, and the investigation went on for several hours.

The crime scene was active throughout the day Tuesday, starting at approximately 4 a.m. Multiple units were still outside the building late in the afternoon.

This happened in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood off Northeast 14th Street.

One person has been taken into custody, according to police.

Authorities have yet to identify the victim or the suspect.

Interview with Yuni Carey – The Heroines of my life

According to unofficial sources, she was stabbed 36 times by her Partner.

I don’t need to be Miss International Queen
I don’t need to be Miss Continental
I don’t need to be Miss Trans Star International
I just need to be me and be here.
A True Queen inspires all over the world with her legacy and experiences.
The love I get and feel from people around the globe is more then any metal with fake diamonds.
I make my owns dreams
I make my own moves
I do what I please and desire
I say what I feel and when I feel it!
Some will understand and some will not!
But at the end of my last breath
God will whisper in my ear
#WarriorQueen ?

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