Mens Rights Activist Peter Nolan Publicly Calls for the Murder of Women As ‘The Only Path of Justice For Men’

MRA  Peter Nolan
If anyone is familiar with Men’s Rights Activists you’ll know that they have a history of wanting to strip women of their rights, that they frequently harass and abuse women and in some cases even threaten violence against us. Now most of these threats are empty, they’re the general ‘I will hurt/kill you if you keep pissing me off’ or the ‘I’ll find out where you are and get you’ kind of threats, that whilst mostly lead to no actual physical harm do deeply hurt those people they’re being said to.

What I find to be the problem with Men’s Rights Activists though, other than the open threats and disrespect towards women, is their baffling belief that all women are against men and that we’re trying to destroy their rights or their way of life. For the most part feminists are simply trying to gain equal rights to men. Equal being the key word.

Men’s Rights Activists, however, whilst saying that they are fighting for men and boys to be treated equally to the way women are being treated, regularly try to take away what women have and push us into oppression, and threats of violence seem to go hand in hand with that.

Whilst most Men’s Rights Activists make somewhat veiled threats of violence, the ‘don’t make me angry’ kind of threats, a leading voice in their movement, Peter Nolan, has called for the open murder of women as a way of finally allowing Men’s Rights Activists the ‘justice’ they deserve.

A well known campaigner for their movement, Peter Nolan has written several articles and blogs praising the poor treatment and murder of women. He publicly defended and praised the actions of convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik, stating;

‘It is only natural and normal that some men decide to take matters into their own hands at all the hatred spewed at them and their marginalisation. Men often see that some things are worth fighting for. Men often take the action to fight for what they believe in.

‘Anders Breivik is not crazy. He’s as rational as the next man. He sees that his country is being destroyed. He sees that the people responsible for that destruction are the left of politics. and he would be correct. He took action to stop what he believes is the destruction of his country.

‘I’ve been telling women for three years now that hatred of men in general and fathers in particular is going to see men killing a lot of women and children. Well? We just saw 76.’

Nolan has moved on from simply praising the actions of mass murders and blaming women for all of the problems in the world and has begun to actively encourage the murder of women, claiming that it is the natural next step in the ‘war’ between men and their horrid oppressors, women.

nolan 1

Nolan has been encouraging his followers to kill women, telling them (quite falsely too) that the murder of women by men has become legal in both Australia and Ireland.

nolan 2

Obviously, no such laws exist in either Australia or Ireland that allow the lawful murder of women. Nolan is claiming that it has become legal as women are now considered ‘enemies in a state of war’, and as such any man who murders a woman will face no prison time what-so-ever.

On a side note Nolan at one time tried to establish his own men only version of Facebook called ‘Manbook‘.

Hopefully there are many Men’s Rights Activists who will see these claims for a bogus as they really are, unfortunately I’m sure there will be a handful of extremists who will be looking at these tweets and considering the possibility of murdering women.

Men’s Rights Activists are not fighting for equality. they are fighting for oppression and dominace over women. They are men who want complete control and will do whatever they think needs doing to get it. They want to turn back the clock to a time where a woman’s place was waiting quietly at home for her husband and master, where her only jobs were cooking, cleaning and getting pregnant.

Yes, Peter Nolan is clearly an extreme case of Men’s Rights Activism, he’s advocating killing women who stand against oppression, but the movement as a whole can be extremely dangerous. If you are a Men’s Rights Activist please look at what this man is saying and start to think about just what you’re supporting. Realise that women aren’t an enemy. We’re not calling for the deaths of every man, we’re not advocating mass murder.

Men and women nee to work together for equality, and Men’s Rights Activists are the real enemy of equality, not women.


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Amy is a journalist and editor contributing the websites Planet Transgender, Gay News Network, The Bottle Episode, The Retro Box and Claire Channel. Amy is also a published comic book writer and letterer.

In addition to her writing Amy has also worked with the Centre For Hate Crime Studies in Leicester and has worked in the capacity of an advisor to the United Nations Entity For Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women.

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