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Meet Reem Sharif Groundbreaking Advocate with Punjab Police

Reem Sharif
Humbled to share my first picture from the help desk ? wrote Reem Sharif. A Thousand thanks to Rawalpindi Police to establish the first-ever center to facilitate the transgender community in Pakistan ?

Trans advocate extraordinaire Reem Sharif has opened the door to justice by opening the first transgender police help desk in Pakistan. As is true in many countries, the hardest step to get justice is the first step. In Pakistan, that first step is called an FIR or First Information Report. But before that can happen a bridge of trust must be established between our community and the authorities.

Reem, a trans female who identifies with the pronoun ‘they’ did just that. And Sharif wanted to be sure that we expressed her gratitude to the Rawalpindi Police for making this world-class advancement in human rights happen. Thank you!

As reported by the Peace and Justice Network Pakistan “For the first time in Punjab, the Rawalpindi police have established a special reporting desk on the premises of the women police station with a transgender woman as a facilitator and victim support officer to facilitate the transgender people.”

Reem Sharif

Reem Sharif, who holds a master’s degree in International Relations, and is the director at Transgender Rights Consultants Pakistan will be that bridge between the transgender people and police.

A male and a female police officer will also work with her at the “Tahaffuz” reporting centre. City Police Officer (CPO) Mohammad Ahsan Younas told Dawn that “Tahaffuz” reporting and khidmat markaz is the first of its kind for transgender people in Punjab.

“Yes, she can speak and write well and will be the best choice to communicate between her community and the police,” the CPO said, adding though she will not be a police employee she will help her community fight for equal treatment in society.

He said there will be a counseling room for transgender people. Whoever faces any problem in the Rawalpindi district, they will be facilitated at the reporting desk.

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