Meet María Pachón First Trans woman in Spain’s Airforce #TDOV2016

María Pachón
Transgender day of visibility
María Pachón / Photography Juana Martin Infantes

Our lovely partners Trans X Objetivos from Mexico and Columbia aware of the recent political attacks in North Carolina and the horrific murder rate in Brazil mentioned @planetrans in this tweet yesterday. This is a message that we tend to forget in our darkest hours. It gets better. Yes, on this Transgender Day of visibility it is vital to keep this thought in the forefront of our minds. It gets better.

The prologue to an interview with María Pachón. Click here for the full interview.

“As a transsexual woman, María feels compelled to be visible in order to continue fighting for a standardization and rights that are still far from ideal here and now.”

“In an ideal world, children should play and enjoy throughout their childhood without worrying about anything else; They should breathe the love and tenderness of their elders and to discover the world wrapped up by them, but not always. Not only is it not in countries at war or in refugee camps, but also in our villages or neighborhoods impoverished by a crisis without end or within broken families or on the verge of rupture.”

“A child unhappiness contributes the fact that children do not have “mechanisms” to combat such adverse situations or ability to understand what happens and why it is doubly unfair they are confronted with situations that overwhelm them and damage forever.”

“Born in the wrong body is a trick of fate and remedy the mistake involves a thorny path wandering until gradually, step by step, change that fact. Maria Pachon, born in the Huelva town of La Zarza, has already traveled that path and has achieved one of her dreams: to live authenticaly.

Maria Pachon, the first transsexual woman Military Air Force of Spain, tells us of her experience as a child and how happy she is now in her life.

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