Meet Mara Gómez, first Argentine trans woman to play pro fútbol

Mara Stefania Gomez
Mara Stefania Gomez made her dream come true.

Mara Gómez has made history becoming the first transgender woman to play in Argentina’s professional female football league.  Gómez announced the news Friday after receiving authorization to play from the Argentine Football Association (AFA)

Teammates appeared in a video in support of  Ms. Gomez who said “I’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles, adversities that I’ve encountered not only in sport,” 23-year-old Mara Gomez said holding back her tears of joy.

The team’ss coach Lorena Berdula, an amazing advocate in her own right, said that she will have to get her hormone levels checked before each Championship game.

Mara Gómez played in regional tournaments prior to being added to the rooster of the top-tier Villa San Carlos women’s team during the preseason.

Mara Gómez
Mara Gómez / Facebook

The whole process was very hard because bigoty has prevented me many times from being part of the sport. I have had a lot of obstacles and adversities, not only in sport but also because I am trans and because of my sexual orientation,” said Ms.Gómez.

This is a social achievement.

“The struggles were long and entailed a lot of suffering for me today to be able to be here today. This is not only a personal victory it is also a social achievement,” said Mara Gómez.”

Ms. Gómez started playing soccer at age 15 and at 18 she received her new identity documents with the gender with which she identifies, according to según el diario Clarín

Congratulations Mara!

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