Medicare Wants Your Input On adding GRS Just 1 SNAFU, the Link Is Broken


The Advocate is reporting the agency which determines if a surgery should be funded my Medicaid is reconsidering adding Sexual Reassignment surgery.

Including SRS would be a humongous step forward by the federal goverment. Its crucial we comment especially since there’s only 28 days left to do so. Now only if they’d get there link fixed.

I’ll update as soon as they do. Hopefully they’ll reset the timer.

Presently GRS is not covered by the CMS.Gov

Transsexual surgery for sex reassignment of transsexuals is controversial. Because of the lack of well controlled, long term studies of the safety and effectiveness of the surgical procedures and attendant therapies for transsexualism, the treatment is considered experimental. Moreover, there is a high rate of serious complications for these surgical procedures. For these reasons, transsexual surgery is not covered.

H/T trans advocate Jani McCauley on twitter ‏@JaniMcCauley



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