Transgender girl attacked, middle school responds after 10K demand action

McLoughlin Middle School Vancouver

McLoughlin Middle School Vancouver

A transgender student at McLoughlin Middle School in Vancouver Wa was beaten up last week and according to her aunt, the school didn’t immediately take action.

“My 13-year-old niece is mtf transgender. She is the victim of hate crimes every day at McLoughlin Middle School Vancouver Wa” Leslie Goodnight wrote on Facebook.

Goodnight said that the transphobic bullying continued even as her mother complained repeatedly. “My sister has gone to the principal on numerous occasions with complaints of not only students seeking out and harassing my niece, but the teachers as well! They will call her by her birth name and call her a boy in front of the entire class!! She asks them to please not do that and they tell her they won’t stop! The principal has been no help.”

According to Goodnight, the school’s continued dismissal of her mother’s complaints and refusal to take action as mandated by state law came to a head Wednesday when her niece came home bruised and bleeding.

“Well today a male student walked down the halls of the school and was yelling my nieces name and saying “she is a boy” and “she has a D*** ” and “she has to go to the Dr’s to tell them she’s a girl” and the male student walked up to her and punched her in the face 2 to 3 times!” wrote Goodnight.

“The school did not call the police nor did they suspend the male student because “the cameras couldn’t clearly see what happened” and 3 students claimed that my niece pushed the male student first. My niece’s nose was bleeding and it may be broke. You can’t see the bruising super well yet on her cheek, but it will be a good one by this time tomorrow! Please share this, I want everybody to know what this middle school is allowing student’s and teachers to do to my niece” Wrote goodnight.

The facebook post went viral the same day with 6,000 shares and on Saturday morning more than 13,000 shares. Apparently, that was enough for the school to take action.

Goodnight updated her post on Friday thanking everyone for contacting the school.

UPDATE: The administration at the middle school has put the male student on emergency expulsion. An officer has written a report and is turning the case over to the DA.
I am requesting that all calls into the school and all posts/tweets to the principal, please stop. We are being heard!
Thank you so much for your ongoing support! ❤”

Friday Steve Webb, Vancouver public school Superintendent published an ‘open letter to the community” claiming that the school took immediate action after the assault.  Webb stated, apparently after a consultation with attornies, that Washington state policy will be to continue to protecting transgender students regardless of the Trump administration’s policies.

Thursday we reported on “Just Want Privacy”, the Washington state anti-trans group which is trying to turn back the rules that protect transgender students. “Just Want Privacy” was publicly castigated by a cisgender woman after she found out that they had misrepresented her attempted rape as a reason to deny protections to students in a fundraising email.

As of press time, the assault on this transgender student hasn’t been appropriated by ‘just want privacy’ for fund raising purposes.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. This is horrible. My daughter goes to a middle school in Northern California where the teachers and staff are supportive and wonderful to her, but kids continue to harass her. Over spring break a girl started texting to others that my daughter has a BIG SECRET and asked kids if they knew what it was. My daughter went into a deep depression…then came out of it but it’s maddening that this still happens to her. Please urge parents to talk with their kids and get adults into schools and talk with staff about their trans kids. Talk and communicate and don’t back down.


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