McCrory took $500,000 earmarked for Hurricane Matthew to use against the poor

Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Mathew Friday night

Last June the North Carolina Legislature at the request of Gov Pat McCrory moved a half-million dollars from the state’s emergency fund to his office for the legal defense of HB2. They did it by passing a bill authorizing the transfer which sat on McCrory’s desk unsigned until it automatically became law.

McCrory’s HB2 wasn’t just a bill enabling discrimination against transgender people in restrooms as the newly released right wing video suggests. HB2 is a multi-level assault against the state’s minorities, LGBT people, woman, children and underserved, the very people most at risk during Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew Historically low-income people have found themselves living in areas at vulnerable in natural disasters, exasperated today by the growing income inequality. And without personal resources, and now with diminished assistance from this state they are doubly at risk,

The red areas of the map indicate poverty levels above 23%. The tan areas at the shore are well above the poverty line perhaps due to gentrification.

While it’s not known at this point what impact Hurricane Matthew will have on NC our thoughts and prayers go out to all in this deadly storms path.

In any case, the people of North Carolina need to know what McCrory has done and after the worst of this natural disaster is over take him to task for the man-made HB2 disaster.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I don’t mean to take the focus away from the main story here, but there’s a really good lesson to be learnt from this.

    Thou shall not stalk pretty little transgender ladies in car parks during the early hours of the morning.


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