Mattel’s new gender-free dolls look like actual kids

Mattel's new gender-free dolls look like real kids and boy, are the Christo-fascists, TERFs, and other run-of-the-mill haters pissed.

Mattel gender free doll

Dolls can be purchased without obvious gender tells and customized as often as the heart desires.

Mattel’s new gender-free dolls look like real kids, and boy, are the Christo-fascists pissed.

Have you ever walked into your local mall and looked at the young people? I mean actually studied how Gen Z looks and the way that they interact with the world?

That’s what the people at Mattel did. They found a huge market for gender-neutral dolls that look like Gen Z, ages between 4 and 24, comprising nearly 74 million souls in the USA.

Mattel didn’t make the children look like they are today. They simply marketed a line of dolls to appeal to the sensibilities of much of our newest generation.

They are after all in the business of selling toys.

This seems to have upset a lot of Christian extremists, TERFs and a wide swath of run of the mill haters.

I read some of the comments from the YouTube video below, not something I recommend that you do. But I wanted to share one in particular in which the author idolized murder, reminiscing as if it were the good old days.

Mattel's new gender-free dolls

The boys with the mindset Bad Cattitude describes have since graduated to assault rifles.

The second person used the word ‘weirdo’. TERFs can not get a conversation about or with transgender people without using that word. It’s a dead giveaway, pardon the pun.

.Bil Browning wrote over at LGBTQ Nation “Mattel has actually created a toy that glorifies gender inclusivity and ignores one’s biological sex. Calling ‘gender’ a label is the same as saying that being a male or female is no different than being tall or short,” hate group ‘One Million Moms’ said in an email to supporters.

“Mattel is confusing our innocent children by attempting to destroy very definitive gender lines. Why can’t the toy manufacturer let kids be who God created them to be instead of glamorizing a sinful lifestyle?”

“Mattel is following a trend to desensitize America by telling children they can be whatever gender they want to be. This irresponsible line of toys is dangerous to the well-being of our children. Mattel should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of customers while pushing away conservative customers who hold to the age-old truth that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl.”

The doll costs $29.95. It is available at retailers nationwide.

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