Mattel’s BLM Trans American Barbie Dolls Have Arrived

Trans American Barbie

Screengrab from the ‘news break’ ‘fact check’ site cited by Facebook censors

Mattel’s new Black Lives Matters Trans American Barbie Dolls have arrived and are twisting bigots into contorted fits of rage. These and other Creatable World Customizable Doll kits for Kids by Mattel are available at retail or on Amazon.

Buy as many as you like.

“In our world, dolls are as limitless as the kids who play with them,” said Mattel in the opening sales pitch. “Introducing Creatable World™, a doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in—giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again.”

The Creative line of Barbies isn’t marketed with the gender binary in mind. These Barbie Dolls allow children the freedom to be truly creative and model their Barbie into whom they want. They, Them, Him, Her, or with no gender at all, it’s wide open.

Gender diversity causes bigots fits but the very idea that a Black transgender American Barbie Doll is being sold to our children is too much for them to handle.  Barbie Dolls have never come with sexual organs or sexualization of other body parts, but that doesn’t matter to them.

Their faux reasons for objecting to the Creative line is absolutely outrageous. These same parents routinely send their girls to ‘beauty contests’ where their hypersexualized nine-year-old sex appeal is the deciding factor for the judging adults.

A friend was heartbroken after she shared that the Doll “had arrived” on Facebook.

Trans American Barbie



Now they have Facebook censors who cite a right-wing ‘fact check site’ which attaches warnings on shares about Mattel’s new Barbie Doll line. Their only complaint is that the BLM doll is a collectible and not in their opinion, for that reason, somehow not an official Barbie Doll.

The facts.

Mattel manufactures the BLM Trans American Barbie Doll. The quality is as always, supply and demand. If Mattel sells enough of these they will make more.

If white supremacists have their way that won’t happen. Black people scare the crap out of them and gender fluidity scares them more. So expect their disinformation effort to continue in mass-production.

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