#CivilRights Campaign by Mass AG for #TransRights. Join her by sharing #EveryoneWelcome


Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s campaign #EveryoneWelcome is all about a #CiviRights bill allowing Transgender legal access to Public accommodations. This hashtag advocacy would have been unnecessary if a few Democrats had the fortitude to stand up for what was right. But the state adopted a limited #CiviRights bill in 2012 which was stripped of public accommodations protections in a move to appease those democratic lawmakers who unbelievably are opposed to equal rights for everyone.

But I digress since it’s especially nice to report on transgender positive legislature now that so many of the anti-LGBT bills have failed.

But the Massachusetts bill is in serious trouble so Healey’s is asking us to amplify her on social media with the #EveryoneWelcome hashtag.

The bill, S735 which would add trans protections was introduced in January 2015 but was sent to the judicial committee last August and there it sat. Wednesday was the deadline for it to be reported out of committee, but there it sat. There is still a glimmer of hope as staffers are saying they are trying to extend that deadline to May 2.

But unbelievably here’s the catch. If the bill should pass both chambers which BTW hold DEMOCRATIC SUPER MAJORITIES it still faces a possible veto by the Governor. And bless their democratic super majority hearts the speakers are unsure if they could muster the votes to override a  veto.

Gov. Charlie Baker said Monday  that his position on transgender rights legislation was not altered by Monday’s news that the state’s major teachers unions and groups representing school superintendents and school committees  had endorsed the proposal.

“We certainly support non-discrimination in Massachusetts for anybody. But the details on this one are important, and I know the Legislature’s been working on it, and we look forward to seeing what they produce,” Baker told reporters after meeting with House speaker DeLeo and Senate President Stan Rosenberg – who both support the bill.

So what are the’details’ that Gov. Baker is concerned with?  Senate bill 735 adds two words “gender identity” to an exisiting law which grants everyone else in Massachusetts unfettered legal access to public accommodations.

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SB Nation is now  reporting that All five of Massachusetts major league sports teams have come out in support.

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