Martyn Rawlinson Platforming Transphobia with TERF Tweets

TERF objective is to own the message without being the owner of it.
TERF objective is to own the message without being the owner of it.

Councillor Martyn Rawlinson liked two tweets, perhaps innocently, in which TERFs responded to crass tweets by trans activists.

Regardless of his intent, Rawlinson, an elected official should apologize and move to right his faux pas.

Update: Preston Councillor feels Nonbinary Cllr ‘deserves” Transphobic Backlash

It is easy to lose one’s head to TERF antagonists and equally easy to bond with propagandists. TERF modus operandi is to scurry out from under a rock, publicly provoke an angry reaction, then slide back under to anonymity. Thus leaving both friend and foe holding big bags full of regrettable utterances.

Cabinet Minister Martyn Rawlinson could have easily rectified this and made this a non-starter.

Instead, he willfully ignored pleas from members of the LGBT community, giving TERF (Trans Exclusionary Regressive Feminist) another British propagandist.

NY Times: How British Feminism Became Anti-Trans

Labour’s Martyn Rawlinson, did you know a trans person is murdered every day? Did you know that more trans people were murdered this year than ever before?

Do you realize that your present public position puts trans blood on your hands? This isn’t salacious or libelous, it’s reality.

The two tweets Councillor Martyn Rawlinson “liked.”

Martyn Rawlinson, you are getting owned. TERFs don’t have a political affiliation, a religion, or an organization. What they do have is a highly developed sense of irony. And believe me, they are laughing at you now.

Gaslighting this trans person was disgusting and shameful.

How to save lives and regain your dignity Councillor? Two clicks.


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