Martine Rothblatt USA’s highest paid Woman is the CEO who says she used to be a man

Some are outrage over a rich trans woman’s manly New Yorker magazine cover. Michelangelo Signorile talks with the United States highest paid female CEO about her controversal magazine cover and her equally controversal understanding of transsexualism.

A strong, strong reason to ‘hide’ your past? My gut reaction to that is HEY, I’m not hiding anything.

Being a member of the 99% I take exception to her saying some transgender people might put themselves at risk if we publicly identified, at least in part, with the gender previously indicated on our birth certificates.

Rothblatt should have said if you are wealthy enough that you can mitigate the risks of being transgender, like me, and publicly embrace your masculinity, if you feel so inclined, then you can ‘come out of the closet’ like I did.

Having to ride buses and work in low-paying jobs, robbed of our pretransition status, we live a life fraught with danger. Transgender women, especially trans woman of color, pay a price, sometimes with their lives, to live authenticity. That’s just today’s reality, but as we have witnessed in the past 10 years, reality is being bent towards the future.

But being a realist, I’ve come to embrace my full life, living as woman, but also all making use of the attributes that accompany being a trans woman. This has allowed me to succeed where previously I failed miserably.

In that light, it’s understandable why Ms Rothblatt feels entitled to so visibly go against current sentiments. But as a blogger, I can’t approve of that cover. I’ve written so many hundreds of times about trans woman being beaten and murdered for what she feels she can flaunt, her masculinity.

That is todays transgender reality.

Still, being open about being transgender is different from saying one was formerly another gender. For Rothblatt, however, the categories don’t mean much, as she truly sees herself — and many others — as living on the boundary between male and female. Read more at Huffington Post and/or..Lighten up with Colbert..

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