Death sentence given to man who shot Alishah, TransAction PK leader

PK police do not release booking photos. From that day Alishah lay bleeding to death.

The man who fired the eight bullets which struck down Alishah, Trans Action PK’ former president has been sentenced to death. Partial justice was served when District judge Saadia Andaleeb ruled that charges against Fazal Dayan alias Fazal Gujjar for the 2016 shooting of Alishah were proved beyond a doubt.

The case was followed in the court by the head of TransAlliance Farzan Jan through her lawyer Gul Rahman. Taimur Kamal, a civil society activist in Peshawar told TNN that for the first time, the killer of a transgender person is sentenced to death by the court. He expressed satisfaction over the judgment and said that strict punishment will be helpful in countering the increasing crime against transgender in the country.

This was the first time that the killer of transgender person has received the death sentence but for Alishah and all who live in Pakistan, their justice remains left undone.

Fazal Dayan wasn’t alone in killing Alishah. She was brought to Our Lady of Reading Hospital by friends immediately after being shot, but the staff refused to treat her wounds.

Staff first put her in the men’s ward them moved her into the hallway. Her friends became increasingly frantic as she bled to death posted in real-time of Facebook and Twitter. Horrified as their friend lay dying, they were doubly aghast when hospital staff ignored her and sexually assaulted them.

And when her friends turned the doctors down who demanded sex they were ridiculed and shamed.

Her murder was mourned and condemned around the world.

Alishah’s death was preventable and the doctors and attendants who didn’t care because she was transgender are equally culpable for their roles in the transgender murder that was heard around the world.

Three months ago her friends waited two hours as she lay dying and wondered if this was to be Alishah all over again.

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